BMW: 15 Amazing Facts You Didn't Know (Part 1)

BMW: 15 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

BMW: 15 Amazing Facts You Didn't Know (Part 1)

BMW make some of the most bought cars in the world. Their engineering is almost universally acknowledged as some of the best in the automobile industry, and their vehicles continue to be status symbols in the United States and elsewhere. But the company has had an interesting history and there is a lot that its own customers probably don’t know about the company.

Number Fifteen: Before They Made Cars, They Made Place Engines. They began this work in World War I, and their engines were used in the planes during the war. The famous pilot nicknamed The Red Baron even flew in one of their planes.

Number Fourteen: Their Headquarters Are Designed to Look Like Their Engines. Clearly the company recognizes what sets it product apart. The building that acts as their headquarters was designed to look like their patented four cylinder engine.

Number Thirteen: Their Early Plane Engines Broke the Record for Altitude. In 1919, the BMW biplane reached an unprecedented height of 32,000 feet. This was a world record, and it continues to be around the altitude that most commercial jets fly at.

Number Twelve: It is a Myth That the Logo is Modeled After a Propeller. This is perpetuated by the movie Finding Forrester as well as in other media. In actuality, the logo existed before their planes utilized propellers.

Number Eleven: The Real Reason for the Design is to Honor Bavaria. The blue and white of the iconic logo come from the colors of Bavaria, a state in Germany. The style of the logo is modeled slightly off of that the company Rapp Motor.

Number Ten: The BMW First Car Wasn’t Very Powerful. It only had about 15 horsepower. Interestingly, the company was somewhat forced into creating automobiles because after the end of World War II they were no longer allowed to create plans (via the Treaty of Versailles).

Number Nine: BMW Were Pioneers in Aerodynamic Technology. By the early 1940’s, the company was internationally known for not only the strength of their car engines but also their innovative and sleek construction. Check back for the second half of this list soon!

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