BoA: 'Kiss My Lips' Music Video Review

BoA: ‘Kiss My Lips’ Music Video Review

BoA via

BoA via

The queen of k-pop, BoA returned to the music scene on the 11th May 2015, to show the newer generation of k-pop idols how it is done. BoA returns with her 8th studio album ‘Kiss My Lips,’ in honor of her 15th anniversary since her music debut in August 2000. The title track used for promotion is a self-composed song ‘Kiss My Lips’ that shares the same name as the album; as BoA has produced the album herself to celebrate her 15th-anniversary debut.

The music video for ‘Kiss My Lips’ is a simple music video compared to previous music videos released by BoA. The video starts out with a zoom out of blue feather fans that are being held by BoA’s back up dancers. After the blue feathers, the viewers get their first look at BoA wearing a silver gown, sat on a white couch arm-chair within a white room; with the room being highlighted with blue and pink lights.

Throughout the video, the main focus is on the scenes with BoA and her back up dancers performing the songs choreography, but between the group shots there is close up solo shots of BoA. Apart from the use of colored lights the only other color used in the video is the blue feathers and the various black and white outfits the dancers and BoA are wearing. Rather than having a plot-line in the video, the video is kept very simple with the entire focus being put on the vocals and the dance routine.

The backing track is a minimal pop song, that is made up of unique synthesizer riffs. Showcasing BoA’s deep singing vocals; this places a dreamlike quality/atmosphere onto the song. BoA proves with the dance routine; that a K-pop idol does not have to use an overly sexy or cute choreography routine to make a big impact on the viewer.

Translated lyrics: “The more you try to get far away / The more I want to go to you / The more you try to turn away / The more I wanna catch your eye / The more you try to get far away / The more I want to go to you / All you have to do is just look at me like you are right now / I need your attention” and “Baby come and kiss my lips / Don’t delay it anymore, don’t hold it in even when you know, it’s not hard / Or else don’t even look at me / Baby, I’m starting to hate you, feels like you’re playing around, oh.” These lyrics show that BoA is singing about men having the confidence to approach a women themselves without encouragement. Although looking at the lyrics the viewer wouldn’t be able to tell the song is actually a love song.

Despite the lack of linkage between the video and the lyrics, the song and the video are enjoyable and wouldn’t put the listener off the song. Also, despite the simplicity of the song and video the album is proving to be a success for BoA as the album has not only debuted at number 6 on the Billboard World Album Charts but the album has also entered in at number 5 on South Korea’s Goan Album Charts.

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