Boat Beam - Sirens (Official Music Video)

Boat Beam – Sirens

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Everyone is connected in this hypnotic music video with a murder mystery twist, and like any good thriller it intrigues until the very end. Characters are established, deadly weapons are introduced and pieces of the puzzle are laid out for the viewer thanks to some creative visual trickery from director Jesús Hernández. This is one video that needs to be watched again and again in order to pick up on the many different plot threads present.

The influence of Rear Window and other Alfred Hitchcock films are on full display as the camera follows several different tenants on the hottest day of Summer. Right from the start a voice warns that someone’s death is imminent, and from that moment on the suspense escalates as steady as the camera’s upward movements. Fittingly, indie-pop band Boat Beam hauntingly sings of a Siren song lulling the doomed to eternal sleep as a certain tenant walks nonchalantly towards their own inevitable death. The result is a memorable video that will have you humming along as you nervously watching any apartment windows across the street.

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