Bob Dylan: 'Stay with Me' Single Review

Bob Dylan: ‘Stay with Me’ Single Review

Bob Dylan: ‘Stay with Me’ Single Review

Pop music royalty, Bob Dylan, released his last studio album, Shadows in the Night in February of 2015. The renowned artist celebrates his more than 50 years of music by paying homage to the legendary Frank Sinatra. However, Dylan is not in any way referring to his renditions of Sinatra classics as covers, but rather, he intends to give the good old Sinatra songs Bob Dylan’s “uncovering” touches.  It is exciting to know that a grand artist such as Dylan continues to inject his dose of life into the music scenes. The album brings forth songs from the grave and putting them into his own personal spotlight.

Dylan premiered his version of “Stay with Me” just recently in preparation for the whole album coming out in weeks’ time. Undoubtedly, the song has become Dylan’s own as you get to appreciate the simplification of a usually orchestrated piece by Sinatra. The raspy signature voice of Bob Dylan gives “Stay with Me” a melancholic appeal, but still puts you in the present’s perspective of hopefulness.

Columbia Records producer explains, “There are no strings, obvious horns, background vocals or other such devices often found on albums that feature standard ballads. Instead, Bob has managed to find a way to infuse these songs with new life and contemporary relevance. It is a brilliant record and we are extremely excited to be presenting it to the world very soon.”

The full album contains exclusive Frank Sinatra songs as sung by Bob Dylan with a handful of band members. It would not be much of a wonder if following the release of Shadows in the Night, Dylan would set the trend, as he usually does, with personalizing old classics and defying conventional notions of the difficulties of reviving forgotten genres. Basically, Dylan has brought us all to a different side – a feel of Frank Sinatra that was always there, undiscovered and soon will be uncovered.

The renditions of Dylan to Frank Sinatra‘s song are not only refreshing, it also awakens one’s familiarity of the genuine classics. This release is something one should look forward to.

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