Bobbi Brown Cosmetics: 9 Essential Facts

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics: 9 Essential Facts

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics: 9 Essential Facts

The Bobbi Brown cosmetics company has become a world leader in beauty retailer, and we are here to share all of the essential facts about this ground-breaking company! If you are a beauty lover or fashionista, this is an article you just have to read!

Number Nine: Starting Small

Bobbi Brown began her extensive beauty company in 1991. At this time, her line of cosmetics featured only a mere 10 shades of lipsticks. She was astounded when the debut of her company sold more than 100 tubes on its first day, and knew that her company would be ultimately successful.

Number Eight: Inspired by the 80’s

Though her company didn’t emerge until 1991, Brown was inspired mainly by the colorful styles of the 80’s. She began her cosmetic career as a makeup artist for Vogue, and disapproved of the “more is more” makeup trend of the time. Thinking it was too gaudy and flashy, she decided to create a cosmetic company aimed at complimenting and embracing women’s natural beauty.

Number Seven: The Prized Product

In all of the company’s history, the best-selling Bobbi Brown product has been the Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner. It was the first gel eyeliner to hit the market, although Brown admits it was a bit of an accident. After forgetting her eyeliner at home before an important shoot, Brown had to get resourceful. She simply stuck a Q-tip into her mascara, and used it as a substitute eyeliner. After being amazed at how well the technique worked, she sent her chemists on a new mission to create a gel-based eyeliner.

Number Six: Ultimate Success

Since the company’s start in 1991, the Bobbi Brown cosmetics line has continued to thrive. The brand is known throughout more than 60 countries, and is still making waves in the beauty industry. To date, it has been named the number one makeup artist brand started by a woman.

Number Five: Pretty Powerful

In 2010, Brown debuted her personal beauty campaign, deemed Pretty Powerful. This campaign followed the morals of Brown’s company to embrace women’s natural beauty by presenting before and after photos of what “real women” look like. This campaign has also emerged a select line of products, from which a portion of each sale is dedicated to giving women and girls the knowledge and empowerment to overcome inequalities.

Number Four: Other Organizations

In addition to creating the Pretty Powerful campaign, Brown has also teamed up with a couple of partners to improve the lives of women around the world. She gives her utmost support (and funding) to the Girl Rising and Broome Street Academy organizations.

Number Three: Bobbi Brown Lessons

After creating an extensive line of successful products, Brown understands that every woman needs to learn the essentials to create the perfect makeup look. In an effort to further educate girls and women on beauty, this makeup artist offers a wide array of online lessons and workshops. All of the resources you need to participate are presented on her website. If you need extra help, a makeup artist will be happy to assist you with any questions online.

Number Two: For the Professionals

If you are a professional makeup artist, Bobbi Brown is here to help you. With a free membership to Bobbi Brown Pro, artists can receive a significant discount on products as well as tips straight from the master herself. If you are just starting out, they can also help you create your essential pro start kit.

Number One: The Bobbi Blog

If you aren’t quite a professional but simply love everything cosmetic, Brown can help you out, too. Any makeup lover will adore Bobbi’s blog, where she reveals beauty secrets, tips, trends, and even beauty-friendly food choices. We hope you enjoyed reading the nine essential facts about Bobbi Brown cosmetics!

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