Bombs Away: ‘Damn Daniel (Remix)’ Single Review

Bombs Away: ‘Damn Daniel (Remix)’ Single Review

Bombs Away: 'Damn Daniel (Remix)' Single Review

Bombs Away has officially released their full “Damn Daniel” remix on the iTunes. The “Damn Daniel (Bombs Away Remix)” album touts both a radio version and an extended version of the single. I anticipate it will top the dance and club charts as their other singles “Super Soaker” and “Party Bass” have. The sibling DJ, vocal, and production duo first formed in 2009. With roots in Australia, Bombs Away has performed at Stereosonic Festival, Future Music Festival, Creamfields Festival, Fat As Butter Festival, and St Kilda Foreshore Festival.

Although various remixes of the “Damn, Daniel” Snapchat have flooded the music space, Bombs Away’s mix is truly enjoyable for listening and worthy of being seriously regarded as a song. The team released a teaser video on their Facebook music page. The video plays the Snapchat video as an introduction, delivers a behind-the-scenes peek at music production, and then plays a preview of the single. The camera cheekily tilts in tandem with the ups and downs of the rhythm.

Bombs Away and Snapchat

Sonically, the mix is shown to be produced using FL Studio in the Facebook teaser video. It is interesting to watch Bombs Away interact with the Snapchat vocal source material: Certain pitches from Holz’s intonation are turned into musical components. Bombs Away seamlessly transforms these riffs into a searing hot track that pumps up any audience. Alternating tempos control the ebb and flow of the crowd’s energy and revitalize the listener. When the songs slows, it builds into an explosion of cleverly placed vocals, slapping bass, and/or reverberating synths. The ammunition required for the perfect headbanging experience is provided courtesy of Bomb’s Away.

As one might expect, the lyrics are no Shakespeare sonnet. “Damn Daniel / Back at it again with the white vans” originates from the viral Snapchat video in which high schooler Josh Holz compliments his friend Daniel Lara’s daily outfits and especially praises Lara’s white slip-on Vans. However, I would not count the lyrics against Bombs Away too much; after all, the source material is a silly, light-hearted phenomenon. In fact, I believe the mix smartly capitalizes on the favorable reputation of the “Damn, Daniel” video. Countless crowd-filmed social media video posts reveal delighted (borderline fanatical, even) screaming the second the DJ plays Bombs Away’s rendition.

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