Bon Jovi: 15 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know

Bon Jovi: 15 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know

Bon Jovi: 15 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know

Bon Jovi is one of the most celebrated bands of the 1980s, and they have continued producing hits well into the 2000s. Though much of Bon Jovi’s career has been in the public eye, there are still many things that people do not know about the band and their lead singer, Jon Bon Jovi. With that in mind, here PPcorn present a list of 15 interesting facts you probably didn’t know about the band.

Number Fifteen: Jon Bon Jovi Is One of the World’s Highest-Selling Musicians

Over the course of his career, Bon Jovi has sold more than 130 million albums all over the world. He has released 13 studio albums with his band, along with two solo albums.

Number Fourteen: He Is Charitable

Bon Jovi founded The Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, which is an organization devoted to helping families who have fallen into economic woes get back on their feet and face their issues. The foundation was founded in 2006.

Number Thirteen: He Has an Honorary Doctorate

In 2001, Jon was given an honorary Doctorate of Humanities. He received the honorary degree from Monmouth University.

Number Twelve: His Mom Was a Playboy Bunny

Bon Jovi was born in New Jersey to John Francis Bongiovi and Carol Sharkey. His mother, Carol Sharkey, was at one time a Playboy bunny.

Number Eleven: He Was Not Into School

Bon Jovi realized his musical prowess when he was just a teenager. Because he knew how talented he was, he began skipping school to focus on music. He would often get together with his cousin, Tony Bongiovi, to play in a recording studio.

Number Ten: He Was Part of Star Wars

In 1980, Bon Jovi was recommended by his cousin to be part of an album called Christmas in the Stars: The Star Wars Christmas Album. He was part of a song called “R2-D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas,” and this was his very first professional recording.

Number Nine: He Was Turned Down

Bon Jovi went to Atlantic Records, Mercury (PolyGram), and several other record companies in search of a deal, but they all turned him down. We’re guessing they regret that decision now.

Number Eight: He Worked With Cher

After he and his band became successful, Bon Jovi was asked to help produce Cher’s self-titled album. The album was released in 1987.

Number Seven: He Had to Take Steroids on Tour

Because Bon Jovi goes all out when he performs live, he had some issues with his vocal chords when he was touring in 1987. He was prescribed steroids, and with the help of a vocal coach, he was able to finish the tour.

Number Six: They Were Not Always Going to Be Bon Jovi

Before they were Bon Jovi, the band was going to call themselves Johnny Electric. However, a friend suggested that Bon Jovi follow in Van Halen’s footsteps and use their lead singer’s last name. Looks like that was a rather wise decision.

Number Five: Their Second Album Was Quite Literary

Band’s second album is titled 7800 Fahrenheit, and it was named after the iconic Ray Bradbury novel, Fahrenheit 451. Books catch fire at 451 degrees Fahrenheit and most rocks begin to melt at 7800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Number Four: They Almost Gave Away One of Their Most Famous Songs

Jon’s single, “You Give Love a Bad Name,” almost wasn’t theirs. They nearly gave the song away to the band Loverboy before coming to their senses and deciding to keep it for themselves.

Number Three: Their Fourth Album Holds an Interesting Distinction

Bon Jovi’s fourth album, New Jersey, was actually the very first rock album to be released in the U.S.S.R. pre-Glasnost.

Number Two: Tico Torres Is a Painter

Though Jon has a well-known acting career, and Richie Sambora has several well-documented solo projects, did you know that drummer Tico Torres is actually a painter on the side? He has sold and exhibited art for more than 20 years.

Number One: Their International Fanbase Has Different Tastes

Though Bon Jovi is most well known in America for their albums Slippery When Wet and New Jersey, in Japan, Europe and Australia. Their most famous album is Crush.

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