Bone Cave Ballet - Great Cycle (Official Music Video)

Bone Cave Ballet – Great Cycle

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Take a mystical journey through your past lives when you watch this fun video for “Great Cycle” by Bone Cave Ballet. It follows the band’s lead singer, Jacqui Gilroy‘s, trip to a psychic who guides her with palm readings and tarot cards through her “great cycle” of lives. First, she finds herself as a cave woman in the wilderness. There, she encounters her fellow band members and they attempt (and succeed) at jamming out on the few primitive instruments they have.
Next, she’s in the early colonial era as a puritan, where she comically tries to escape the search party that’s out to get her either for being really good at guitar…or for being a witch. Her final transport is to the 70’s, where she practices in a garage as her bandmates walk in sporting very hip bell bottoms and generously coating their big curls with hairspray. Eventually, she returns to the present, and with the encouragement of her psychic, she steps on stage and plays her heart out.

Director: Jerry White Jr.
Cinematographer: Jeremy Royce
1st Assistant Camera/Editor: Brandon Wilson
Producer: Tia White
Make – Up Artist: Tonya Carlson Jolly
Camera Assistant: William Lowry
Production Assistant: Lisa Town
Madame Manifest: Daniella White
Headdresses Crafter: The Plumed Serpent (


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