Bone Cave Ballet’s Will of the Waves EP Reviewed on FDRMX

Bone Cave Ballet’s Will of the Waves EP Reviewed on FDRMX

Bone Cave Ballet’s Will of the Waves EP Reviewed on FDRMX

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Bone Cave Ballet is not what you would expect from a female-fronted progressive rock band. Musicians Kelly Mynes Jacqui Gilroy, Jeff Blancato and Ezekiel Lords present an extremely unique and intriguing sound in their EPWill of the Waves”, taking you on a journey that is more fantastical than incensed. In this sense, the melodic categorization is magnified. With the average song lasting 5:18 minutes, you definitely feel like each of the five songs is its own little odyssey.

Opening with “Breakup Yoga” you’re immediately set for a brisk, happy walk. Clapping and sticking lead you along into the carefully plucked guitar riff of Blancato, soon joined by Lords’ bass pairing up together nicely. Once the song is underway, it has less of striding feel to it. It’s Gilroy’s hypnotic “ooooh”s drifting above the tromping tempo that keeps the song moving forward until suddenly you’ve reached the ending that reminds you Bone Cave Ballet is technically a rock band. “Great Cycle” is similar in that it starts off as with just piano playing some dissident verses until the full band comes in and hammers the bridge away. Gilroy has stated that the topic of the lyrics in this song are about a Mayan prophecy of great upheaval, reflected by the current global anarchy in the Middle East and other sectors of the world. Lyrics such as “Daylight, it’s wake up time / Passions imprisoned thaw upon the ground / We’re in between the times / The tipping point is climbing high so,” definitely denote a prophecy coming to life.

Surprise, surprise, there’s a flute featured on “Shape to Stay”! Coupled with a funky bass line, the song begins as a groovey dance tune and then progresses into a more agitated and, well progressive rock sound. Meanwhile Gilroy’s tranquil vocals transfix you as the song closes with a tiptoe away. “Newton’s 3rd” on the other hand, comes in with a somewhat latin drum beat, that interchanges with a straight rock beat between the chorus and verses. Once again,Gilroy’s voice in the focal point of the song, while the progressive rock-ness of the song busts around her. The EP closes out with “Repression’s Estate” which, consistent with its sister songs, makes a subtle entrance and then Jethro-Tull-style guitar lead introduces Gilroy’s lyrics. The vocals and the guitar share the center of attention for the rest of the track, making the closer song a burly yet lusty finish for “Will of the Waves”.

Watch Bone Cave Ballet’s music video for “Great Cycle” on FDRMX below the following track listing of the EP “Will of the Waves”. Listen to the full EP which was released November 19th, 2013 here. Purchase the EP and find out more about Bone Cave Ballet here.

Track Listing:
1. Breakup Yoga
2. Great Cycle
3. Shape to Stay
4. Newton’s 3rd
5. Repression’s Estate

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