Bones: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 2)

Bones: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

Bones: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 2)

The show Bones is not successful for no reason. After all, it’s edgy, intriguing, and cool. Here are more facts about the show that you probably haven’t heard of.

Number Eight: One Episode Has Killer Beetles

One of the strangest ways that someone has died on the Bones has been by beetles. Of course, these aren’t just any beetles: these are Dernestes macultusm which clean bones by eating charred flesh. Talk about gruesome!

Number Seven: It Had a Spin-off Series

The Finder was a spin-off series that was based on Bones. The show evolved around one of the newer recurring characters but was canceled after only a couple of seasons.

Number Six: There Are Bloody Filming Goofs

No, we don’t mean bloody in the way British people use it. We mean it quite literally. In one of the episodes in season 8, one woman who had completely bloody clothes looked as if she had clean clothes after they pull her off of the floor. The struggle for continuity is real!

Number Five: You Can Predict the Killer With This Method

On Bones, its been rumored that there is a tendency for the killer to be the second person they question. Perhaps it has happened so often that fans of the show are able to take a guess and be pretty darn accurate about it.

Number Four: The Show Has Airport Trickery

In one of the episodes, the show is supposed to take place in an airport. In reality, it takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Ah, the power of television production!

Number Three: One Bones Episode Was Chess-Inspired

One of the show’s episodes was inspired by Magnus Carlsen, who is a Norwegian chess prodigy. In the episode, the victim in question was a dead chess master, which is super creepy.

Number Two: They Cut a Lot Out of It

Each time it is aired, the show bones takes up appropriately 45 minutes. However, each first cut of the show is usually at least 10 minutes longer than the aired version every single time. It takes a lot of time to get just the rights parts in to make the story work.

Number One: There Is an Episode With No Bone Work

Bones is known for her expertise on a number of things including bones. On most episodes, she finds clues by looking at bones. However, there is one episode in season six where she doesn’t work on anyone at all.

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