Bonnaroo: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Buy a Pass Now

Bonnaroo: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Buy a Pass Now

Bonnaroo: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Buy a Pass Now

The list of summer festivals becomes longer and longer each year, however, great quality is not always guaranteed. But Bonnaroo is a completely different story. This year marks the festival’s 15th anniversary, and it has become music lovers’ favorite over the years. As always, Bonnaroo will start on the second Thursday of June (June 8th) and will be held at Great Stage Park in Manchester Tennessee. We are presenting the top five reasons why this year’s festival is not the one to miss.

Number One: U2

The organizers been trying to “score” U2 to headline Bonnaroo for over 4 years. And finally, all the stars aligned in 2017. The band has never been a regular at summer festivals, which makes this summer’s Bonnaroo even a more unique experience.

Number Two: Chance the Rapper

This year the 23-year-old Chicago rapper won his first ever Grammy awards for best new artist, rap album, and rap performance. While not technically a “new artist,” he received seven Grammy nominations after the Recording Academy eased its eligibility rules last year to allow works released via streaming platforms. What’s better than Chance the Rapper? Chance the Rapper performing live! So you will be in for a treat this summer at Bonnaroo.

Number Three: People

Bonnaroo seems to bring together the happiest people in the world. Be ready for the non-stop high-fives, shouts of “Happy Bonnaroo,” and bouts of cheering. It’s a display of togetherness that you just don’t see every day. Young and old, people paint their faces, wear colorful outfits, and unite for the best experience of the summer.

Number Four: Activities

If you ever get tired of music (which we doubt, with such a great lineup), there are tons of other things to do at Bonnaroo. Activities include movie screenings, comedy acts, splash fountains, parades, workouts… you name it! Bonnaroo provides a very diverse experience for everyone.

Number Five: Camping

While Bonnaroo is one of the few festivals where bands are jamming 24/7, you will still have to crush for a few hours at some point. And you will have tons of options at Bonnaroo: from the good-old car camping to fancy cabanas or even rockstar busses. Camping is what makes festivals so special and memorable, as strangers who would normally have never met become best friends.

Check out the full lineup and purchase your passes on Bonnaroo’s website. Make sure not to miss this crazy music extravaganza this year.

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