Bonnaroo Closes Out With Spectacular Performances

Bonnaroo Closes Out With Spectacular Performances

Elton JohnPhoto Courtesy of USA Today

The curtain has come down on the 2014 Bonnaroo Festival and all that remains of it are some incredible photos and some even more incredible memories from those who were there. Here’s a quick rundown of the biggest moments from the last part of the festival:

It would be a mistake to forget to mention the annual (and dependably awesome) Superjam led by Skrillex and a slew of great names including Chance the Rapper, Lauryn Hill, Warpaint, and Robby Krieger of The Doors. The highlight of the Superjam was when select members performed revamped versions of Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Starting Something” and James Brown’s “I Feel Good”. Not a bad thing to hear on Sunday at noon.

Adding to the noteworthy moments of the weekend was Jack White in a passionate concert performance in which he (like Kanye West the night before) lambasted members of the press, going to far as to call Rolling Stone a “tabloid”. He then performed many of his classics before transitioning to new singles from his highly publicized album Lazaretto. The next night Lionel Ritchie sang some surprisingly modern takes of his classics, including “Sweet Love”, “Three Times a Lady”, and “Fancy Dancer”. A comical moment occurred when Ritchie signaled out a fan in the front row wearing a fake Lionel Ritchie Afro and mustache. “Nothing like coming to the show, and you find your son here,” Ritchie said, gesturing to the fan. “I knew I was going to be surprised, but this is out of control.”

Usually the final performance is met with a fraction of the festival’s crowd.  After all, a lot of music goes a very long way. That wasn’t the case this time though thanks to a clutch choice for a closer in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Sir Elton John. John had surprisingly large crowd, even large enough to look respectable next to the titanic opening act of Kanye West. John performed an even mix of songs from his forty year career, with a very heartfelt dedication of “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” to Casey Kasem. Kasem, who was best known for hosting American Top 40, passed the day before.

More information and “best of” photos will be live on Bonnaroo’s home page sometime this week. Be sure to be on the lookout for some incredible photos.

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