Bono Unable to Play Guitar Since Accident

Bono Unable to Play Guitar Since Accident

Bono Unable to Play Guitar Since Accident - FDRMX

Nearly six months after the cycling accident that left, U2 frontman, Bono with several severe fractures including ones on his elbow, shoulder, and skull, Bono has revealed that he is still having trouble playing guitar.  While the singer admitted in January that he believed he will never be able to play guitar again, despite his doctor’s original belief that he would make a full recovery, it won’t be for another thirteen months until he knows for sure.  In addition to his forearm and elbow being in a constant state of numbness, Bono cannot move two fingers on his left hand (his pinky and his fourth finger) stating that “It feels like I have somebody else’s hand.”  While both his shoulder, which needed three metal plates and 18 screws, and his face have healed up well, the lack of movement in his fingers has forced him to not only learn to hold the microphone differently, but has begun writing songs with a different guitarist who plays the chords that Bono can no longer perform.

The injury that has seemingly robbed Bono, at least for the time being, of his ability to play guitar occurred last November in New York City’s Central Park when he crashed his push bike in an attempt to avoid another rider.  While the remaining members of the band initially reported the accident as a spill, it soon became apparent that it was a bit more serious than that.  Not only did he have a fracture which involved “the orbit of his eye,” but he also fractured his shoulder in three places.  His elbow suffered a compound fracture in which “the bone of the humerus was driven through his skin, and the bone was in six different pieces,” and required five hours of surgery done at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center’s Emergency Department.  At the time, the band had been scheduled to perform a week-long residency on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon though due to obvious complications they were forced to cancel.  Later this month, the band will embark on an arena tour which begins in Vancouver and ends in Turin, Italy in early September.  The tour, which will be the first since Bono’s accident, will take on a different approach compared to the band’s previous shows with each one having a midpoint intermission.  They will also be suspending the speakers from the ceiling rather than having them on stage so that each concert goer will have the same audio experience.

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