Boris Grim & Bratya Grim - Dead Season (Official Music Video)

Boris Grim & Bratya Grim – Dead Season

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Boris Grim & Bratya Grim’s music video for “Dead Season” is a reenactment of the 1960s in the Soviet Union during the pioneer movement. We are introduced to a group of pioneer girls making their way to a school bus. As soon as they arrive to another building, the girls head to the locker room. In the locker room, they are seen changing (NSFW: mild nudity) into their swimsuits. A young girl, who is still in scout uniform, is ridiculed by the seemingly older and much taller girls. Another young girl finds out that she’s hit puberty in a shower scene that is reminiscent of the horror film, Carrie. Find out what happens next in this narrative-driven music video.

“Dead Season” starts off with clean guitar chords and light snare drums. The vocals echo throughout the track, giving off an eerie vibe. The static effect on the audio enhances the feel of the 60s narrative. Electronic guitar comes in during the bullying and builds up with loud drumming. The track slowly finds its way back to the mellow vibe, with piano keys being added. Harmonized “ahhhs” take over, leaving the viewers mesmerized by the plot of it all.

Boris Burdaev: Vocal, Piano, Guitar.
Maksim Nikitin: Bass.
Vasily Nikitin: Drums.
Vladimir Kosorukov: Guitar.


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