Botox: Top 8 Most Common Misconceptions

Botox: Top 8 Most Common Misconceptions

Botox: Top 8 Most Common Misconceptions

Botox is a drug most common used for cosmetic reasons in hopes of making the face appear more youthful. It’s pretty easy to assume that all of the rumors you’ve heard about it are true and that you already know all there is to know, but it turns out a lot of those rumors are false. Here are some of the most common myths about it.

Number Eight: It’s Possible to Get Addicted to Botox

There have been some studies published suggesting that it’s possible to develop an unhealthy compulsion to get this procedure. There is no scientific evidence to support these claims, however.

Number Seven: Patients Always Look Better After Injections

This is usually the case, However, there are some rare incidents where the injections actually cause an increase in eye puffiness.

Number Six: The Injections are Painful

People seem to believe that this procedure is highly uncomfortable. Most patients report that it doesn’t hurt much at all, though.

Number Five: It’s Only Suitable For Women Over 40

This isn’t true. Although typically it’s women who have begun to reach middle age that wish for botox, it’s possible to get it at a younger age.

Number Four: Botox Distorts Your Facial Expressions

This is not always the case. It depends a lot more on the skill of the doctor than any other factor when it comes to the end result.

Number Three: It’s Only Useful for Reducing Wrinkles

Botox is used in multiple things, and not just for cosmetic reasons. Some people get the procedure done to control overactive sweat glands as well.

Number Two: The Injections Cause Headaches

Although this is possible and happens in a very tiny fraction of patients, it usually has the opposite effect. Many people report headache reduction after receiving injections.

Number One: Botox Contains Harmful Toxins

Botox is based on natural substances, including plant matter, and are not harmful. Most physicians would agree that this drug is even safer than Aspirin. We hope that you enjoyed our article clearing up some of the myths surrounding botox, and that you found the list informative. Thanks for reading.

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