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Boy Hears Woman Crying On The Pier. When He Looks In The Water He Sees This

Boy Hears Woman Crying On The Pier. When He Looks In The Water He Sees This

Raden Soemawinata lost his grandma and he was grieving. The man wanted to scatter his grandmother’s ashes at the Brighton harbor which is right next to Melbourne, Australia. Little did Raden know, he would end up saving a life instead!

20. Saving Lives

Raden wanted to scatter his grandmother’s ashes in a place he knew she loved, the Brighton river. The man got in his car and drove to the harbor, but something terrible happened right before he got there.

19. Something Is Not Right

A woman was bending over the pier and she kept yelling for her dog. Raden saw this and he knew that he needed to do something about it. The next picture will send shivers down your spine!

18. Bibi Falls Over

A little dog named Bibi fell into the water. The waters were moving fast and things were not looking good for the little dog. You won’t believe what Raden did next!

17. Getting Undressed

Without giving it too much thought, Raden started getting undressed and he was prepared to jump in the water. Raden was taking a huge risk since the water was freezing cold and the wind was blowing hard, but he knew that Bibi wouldn’t make it on her own.

16. Taking A Risk

Even though this was a risky move, Raden jumped in the water and he started swimming for the dog. Bibi’s owner couldn’t believe what Raden was doing, but she was happy that this way she might get Bibi back.

15. Helping Out

Bibi saw that Raden was coming for her and she started swimming towards the pier. This was an incredible moment, but what happens next will make your jaw drop!

14. Brave Man

Looking at these pictures, we have to admit that Raden is a brave young man. There aren’t that many people who would put it all on the line for a dog and this shows us how amazing Raden really is. You won’t believe what happened after he reached for the puppy!

13. Bibi Is Safe

It didn’t take long for Raden to get Bibi out of the freezing cold water. Raden accomplished his mission and Bibi’s owner was happy. Isn’t this amazing? But wait, there’s more…

12. Freezing Cold Waters

We don’t even want to imagine what would’ve happened to little Bibi if Raden hadn’t jumped into the water. The dog got lucky because Raden was there and we can be sure his grandmother would be proud of his actions. The owner’s reaction? Priceless! Check her out in the next photo…

11. Sad Puppy

Bibi was cold and terrified, but she was safe. This is all that matters now. Bibi’s owner says that she will never take the dog on the pier ever again, not without a leash. Do you think she thanked Raden?

10. Lifesaver

Raden is a lifesaver and no one can deny that. The odds were stacked against Bibi, but Raden made sure to give the dog a fighting chance. The following picture will make your heart melt!

9. Going Home

Bibi’s owner wrapped the dog in a warm blanket and took her home. The woman got terrified when her dog fell into the water, but luckily, Raden was there to give a helping hand. She was very grateful to the man who rescued her pooch. But Raden is not the only hero you need to know about…

8. Saving Animals

Raden is not the only one who saves animals in need of help and today we are going to show you a bunch of other pictures about amazing people who help animals from a dire faith. Photo #3 is breathtaking!

7. Firemen

Firefighters are awesome and there’s no doubt about that. Their job asks them to risk their lives in order to help others and firefighters are more than happy to do it!

6. Saving Owls

Even though firefighters are mostly known for putting fires out, they also save people and all other types of animals. They are always the ones who get called whenever an animal is stuck in a place where it can’t come back from.

5. Angry Cat

This Russian firefighter managed to save a cat from a burning building, but it looks like the cat doesn’t understand what happened. Isn’t it hilarious how angry this cat looks?

4. Comforting Dogs

This firefighter is comforting a dog who was in a car crash. This picture is heartbreaking, but luckily the dog’s owners are safe in the hospital. The next picture might bring a tear to your face!

3. Holding On

This cat’s face says it all! Just look at how strong it’s gripping to the firefighter’s jacket. These pictures are showing us the horrors that firefighters have to see every single day.

2. Oxygen Mask

From the looks of it, being compassionate is a trait that all firefighters share. Who would’ve thought that being a firefighter involved saving so many animals?

1.That Look

The look on the cat’s face in the last picture leaves everyone speechless. That is the cat’s way of saying “Thank you” to the firefighter who pulled her out of a burning building.

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