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Boy Supports His Paralyzed Girlfriend Throughout Her Recovery, But Everything Changes On Their Prom Date

Boy Supports His Paralyzed Girlfriend Throughout Her Recovery, But Everything Changes On Their Prom Date

Prom night is one of the most memorable during your high school years. Getting all dressed up and partying it up with all of your best friends is often the highlight of the year! However, for one young girl, prom night was special for an entirely different reason. For you see, she planned a huge surprise for her prom date that night. Her date was shocked when he saw what she was able to do…

20. Prom Night

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Prom night is one of the most exciting nights for any teenager. Many teenagers look forward to dancing the night away with their best friends surrounding them. However, for one teenage girl, the possibility of enjoying her prom night was getting more and more slim.

19. Teenage Girl


Morgan Coultress is a teenage girl living in San Antonio, Texas. Recently, the 18-year-old underwent a surgery that left her unable to walk. In fact, she was bound to a wheelchair for the entire school year.

18. A Disorder


Talking to the Kansas City Star, Morgan explained that she had come down with a disorder known as conversion disorder. According to The Mayo Clinic conversion disorder is a “functional neurological disorder.” The symptoms of the disorder manifest through various physical problems.

17. Surgery


It seems that Morgan came down with the disorder after she had a surgery that went wrong. She was then bound to a wheelchair and it was nearly impossible for her to walk on her own. However, she refused to let that stop her from enjoying her life.

16. Going To Prom


Morgan refused to become a victim to her situation. It was her senior year and her prom was coming up as well. So Morgan decided that she would 100% be going and she also set an amazing goal for herself.

15. A Goal


You see, Morgan wanted to surprise her prom date, Tarik Garcia, who had been incredibly supportive of her throughout the entire surgery and after. Morgan wanted to be able to walk on her own for prom. So for the next few months, Morgan worked hard to reach her goal.

14. Proud Aunt

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Morgan told her family about her goal and they were all so encouraging to her. Her aunt, Brandi Forteiny, was especially blown away by Morgan’s perseverance. She was in awe at how courageous her young niece was and all the effort she was putting in.

13. No Complaints

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My niece lost the ability to walk last year and it’s been a very long and difficult journey for her. She never complained or showed fear. She always stuck by her faith and her strength without ever giving up on herself,” Brandi wrote on her Facebook.

12. Inspiring

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It’s been a humbling and inspiring experience to witness this rough transition for not only her but our family, as well. She made a goal for herself that she would walk in time for prom, and just like the fighter she is — she made it happen, y’all! And she looked so beautiful!

11. The Day

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Finally, prom night had come and Morgan was beyond excited. She had been working hard the past couple of months and she had finally made the progress that she wanted. Morgan thought it would be fun to surprise her prom date, Tarik, by showing him her progress.

10. Coming In

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Soon Tarik was at the door waiting for Moran to show up. The young man was dressed up in his tuxedo and was expecting to see Morgan in her wheelchair. However, that’s not what he saw at all!


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In the video footage recorded, you can see Morgan as she is standing up in the hallway. As they open the door, Tarik sees her standing and is blown away. “Oh my God!, How did you do that?!” Tarik says in disbelief.

8. Big Hug

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As soon as the initial shock subsided, Tarik rushed over to Morgan and gave her a huge hug. The two of them stayed in a long embrace and it was a truly sweet moment. Morgan decided to post the video footage of her standing onto Twitter and it immediately went viral.

7. Twitter Post

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After not being able to walk with my own two legs for 10 months…I surprised my prom date with this,” Morgan wrote underneath the video. Since Morgan has posted the video onto Twitter it has been retweeted more than 275,233 times. It has also gotten over a million likes!

6. Supportive Users


Many Twitter users were incredibly supportive and amazed by Morgan’s resilience. “I cried. I am so so proud that you were able to accomplish this! My situation is definitely not comparable to yours, but I cant wait until mt husband sees how much progress I’ve made with my own recovery. YOU ARE SO STRONG AND YOU JUST MOTIVATED ME EVEN MORE!” one Twitter user wrote.

5. More Surprises


Morgan also had a few more surprises up her sleeves as Tarik wasn’t the only one she decided to shock. She also decided to surprise many of her friends with her hard work. The young woman made a grand entrance to prom and everyone was shocked to see her walking.

4. Prom Queen

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Everyone was completely inspired and blown away by Morgan. After all, it wasn’t easy for her to start walking again and it took a lot of courage and strength. In fact, everyone was so inspired by her that they crowned her prom queen by the end of the night.

3. Grateful


Morgan was incredibly grateful to have won the title of prom queen. After putting in so much work, it felt good to be recognized and admired for the night. So what are Morgan’s next plans?!

2. Graduation

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Morgan says that she doesn’t plan on stopping her progress any time soon. In fact, her next big goal is to walk at her own graduation in June. Everyone is more than certain that she’ll be able to reach her goal.

1. Memorable Moments


Morgan’s dedication to being able to walk at prom definitely goes down as one of the most memorable prom moments. Her perseverance in the face of adversity is truly inspiring to anyone that feels hopeless about a situation. This young woman is wonderfully amazing!

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