Boyce Avenue: 15 Facts You Didn't Know (Part 1)

Boyce Avenue: 15 Facts You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

Boyce Avenue: 15 Facts You Didn't Know (Part 1)

Boyce Avenue are the three-piece band of brothers taking the world by storm with their peppy pop-rock. The band has defied the bounds of internet fame with their highly successful YouTube channel, which currently has nearly eight million subscribers. While the band, brothers Alejandro (vocals, acoustic guitar, piano), Fabian (acoustic and electric guitar, back-up vocals, keyboards) and Daniel Manzano (percussion, bass, backup vocals, violin), may be mostly known for their covers, Boyce Avenue have also released two full-length albums of original music and numerous EPs, including their most recent EP, 2014’s No Limits. The band is currently working on a new full-length album, which they are looking to release in early 2016. Read on to find out more about this band of brothers, and be sure to check back soon for part two of our list.

Number Fifteen: Two of the Brothers Have the Same Birthday. Eldest brother Daniel and youngest brother Alejandro were both born on October 4, but six years apart. Fabian is the odd man out. He was born on July 1.

Number Fourteen: One of Them Went to Law School. Way too qualified to be in a rock band, Daniel actually went to school at the prestigious Harvard Law School. Upon graduating, he returned to Florida and joined his brothers band, which they had started while at the University of Florida.

Number Thirteen: They Have Their Own Record Label. 3 Peace Records was actually created in 2006, before Boyce Avenue signed with the major label Universal Republic. When the major label didn’t work for them, they started releasing their music through 3 Peace once more. In 2012, the independent had its first signing, Hannah Trigwell.

Number Twelve: They are Friends with One Direction. Mutual fans turned friends is more like it. After One Direction member Louis Tomlinson professed his admiration for the band, Boyce Avenue opened for them on a string of U.K. and Ireland dates following the release of Up All Night.

Number Eleven: They were Nominated for a Teen Choice Award. For 2014, the Teen Choice Awards decided to include a web category for the first time. Although they didn’t win, Boyce Avenue was nominated for “Choice Web Star: Music.”

Number Ten: They Played a “Leap of Faith” Show in NYC. Having never been to New York before, Boyce Avenue decided to trust their YouTube fan base in 2009 and book a show at the Mercury Lounge. The show was a success and led to their talks with the major labels.

Number Nine: They Did Something Similar in the Philippines. Perhaps an even bigger leap-of-faith move, the band decided to book four headlining shows in the Philippines the same year. Again, these shows were highly successful and proved the power of their YouTube fan base. Please stay tuned for part two of our list of 15 interesting facts about Boyce Avenue, coming soon.

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