Boyce Avenue at Terminal 5: Event Review

Boyce Avenue at Terminal 5: Event Review

Boyce Avenue at Terminal 5 - FDRMX

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Boyce Avenue played Terminal 5 on Friday night and FDRMX was right there to give you the scoop. Though the band was working against a rather dull and dismal atmosphere, brothers Alejandro Luis Manzano, Fabian Rafael Manzano, and Daniel Enrique Manzano managed to deliver a good show.

The Puerto Rican rockers were excited and confident in their abilities, an attitude that was clear with their lengthy program. Boyce Avenue’s cover-packed setlist included “Speed Limit,” “Hear Me Now,” “Wake Me Up,” “I Had To Try,” “Because of You (Acoustic),” “Find Me (Acoustic),” “Story of My Life (Acoustic + Drum Ending),” “Be Somebody,” “A Sky Full of Stars,” “Change Your Mind,” “Fast Car,” “On My Way,” “Locked Out of Heaven,” “One Life,” and “I’ll Be The One.” Their encore included “Broken Angel (Acoustic),” “Use Somebody,” and “Every Breath.”

The sound quality and lighting was top notch, and the venue offered nice bartenders and cheap drinks. Matched with the band’s positive energy, it should have been a pretty fun night. Unfortunately, there were some snags that took away from the overall experience – some of which killed the mood before Boyce Avenue even started playing.

For one thing, there was a huge delay in starting the concert, and fans didn’t get a single glimpse of Boyce Avenue until 3 and a half hours after the doors opened. By the time they appeared, the crowd, which consisted of mostly young girls and couples, was practically asleep. It was definitely not a good spot for Boyce Avenue to be in with such a long, slow setlist ahead of them.

Whether it was the late start, Terminal 5’s rude security personnel, or the absolutely freezing air conditioning blasting the venue, something seemed to rub the audience the wrong way. Even during Boyce Avenue’s coolest and catchiest songs, nobody would budge – let alone dance or put their hands in the air.

Terminal 5 also suffers from a poor design, with flat floors that only permit about half of the audience to get a good view of the stage. This left the unlucky remainder watching a rigid, faraway video of the performance on the small TV screens dispersed here and there.

It’s hard to pinpoint whether it was the issues with the venue, or some fault of Boyce Avenue’s performance, but the general atmosphere did not even resemble a concert. Many people were just sitting on couches and playing with their phones without any interest, which made us wonder what had brought them there in the first place. “My 12-year-old daughter loves them,” sighed James, 52. “That’s why I’m here.”

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