Boyce Avenue, The Kings of the Internet

Boyce Avenue, The Kings of the Internet


Boyce Avenue has super powers. The powers to take a hated, overplayed radio song and transform into an acoustic song with universal appeal. Just a quick glance at their Youtube page reveals commentators celebrating “the best covers ever” that “redeem the worst songs on the radio”. Almost every cover song is celebrated as “better than the original” by hundreds of commentators. Through optimization of social media, Boyce Avenue has virtually conquered the internet with countless covers of top Billboard songs. While the band does produce a fair number of original songs, it’s fair to say that their wildly popular covers are the major factor for drawing in fans.

As of writing this the band has made over four million dollars in revenue from last year. They regularly perform an international touring schedule playing sold out shows from London to New York to Frankfurt. Over five and a half million people subscribe to the bands Youtube page making them one of the most popular channels and by far the most watched cover band in the site’s history. Not bad for three brothers who recorded their first video seven years ago in their parents garage.

Raised in Sarasota, Florida, brothers Alejandro (27, lead vocals/guitar), Fabian (29,backing vocals/keyboard), and Daniel (32, percussion/bass) Manzono created the name Boyce Avenue from combining two different streets the boys lived on throughout their childhood. While music had always been a source of passion for them, the brothers didn’t officially join together until 2004 when Daniel returned to Florida to set up his own legal practice. Over the next three years, the trio began recording cover after cover until the daring idea came to begin posting video recordings to the recently created Youtube.

As Youtube grew into the juggernaut it is today, so did the band. Soon Boyce Avenue began playing sold out shows in New York, Miami, and Nashville. After a brief one album stint under corporate label Universal Republic, the band severed ties to return to their independent ways citing a need to control their own online exposure to their fans. One assumes that Daniel Manzano being a Harvard Law School graduate may help the trio navigate the legal pitfalls of music and Youtube on a daily basis.

Today the band continues to rack up more and more fans as they continue to stake their claim as the most successful cover band in history. By optimizing social media the three brothers enjoy far reaching publicity from their covers of Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Coldplay, Oasis, Journey, Diddy, and so so so much more. With no advertisements associated with their videos, Boyce Avenue preserves their image of the approachable indie cover band with the midas touch.

On July 23rd the brothers will kick off their newest tour in Germany before spending the following months performing sold out concerts all over the world on their way to their final stop where it all began in Florida. Who knows how many more followers they will have on youtube by then, but as long as other hit songs keep getting made, Boyce Avenue will have no shortage of material to work with.

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