We Are The Brave - Your Ghost (Official Music Video)

We Are The Brave – Your Ghost

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We Are The Brave has a tough time letting go of the past in their spooky music video for Your Ghost. Séances, fog, candles and, of course, ghosts appear throughout this tragic tale of a woman haunted by the memory of a dead lover. Desperate for peace, she joins a séance to beg for peace, though that may prove to be impossible once the cause of the ghost’s death is revealed.
Lead singer Jess Chalker lets loose her strong pipes that remind of 80’s icons Pat Benatar and Bonnie Tyler. The video hits its stride when the ghost dances to her powerful vocals, creating the haunting world of the afterlife through many different types of combined art forms. The video is filled with so much atmosphere that when the shocking ending comes, it hits so much harder because there is no music present to soften the blow. Instead, We Are The Brave leaves the audience with the exact feeling of despair they sang so passionately about minutes before.

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Director/Producer: James Chappell
Producer: Jess Chalker
Cinematographer: Kieran Fowler
Co-Producer: Estee Chang
Editor: Jessica Mutascio
Colorist: Matt Fezz
Stylist: Courtney Fitzgerald-Power
Production Designer: James Chappell
Art Director: Amanda Safranko
Choreographer: Tom Anastopoulos
Focus Puller: Edgar Deluen
1st AC: Charles Mori
Steadicam: Jono Tyler
Gaffer: Matt Wilson
Runner: Alexander White

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