Brian Johnson: 15 Interesting Facts (Part 1)

Brian Johnson: 15 Interesting Facts (Part 1)

Brian Johnson: 15 Interesting Facts (Part 1)

Brian Johnson was born in October of 1947. He is an English singer and songwriter who does lead vocals for the worldwide sensation AC/DC. The band has been inducted into the Hall of Fame and is one of the hugest successes the world of music has ever seen. Here are some facts about the front man.

Number Fifteen: Choosing to Continue AC/DC

When Bon Scott, the original vocalist, died, the remaining band members considered calling it quits. Realizing that Bon likely would have wanted them to continue, they selected a replacement instead, and Johnson came to mind as someone that Bon had complimented a while back.

Number Fourteen: He Thinks His First Band Sucked

It was called the Gobi Desert Canoe Club, and it began when he was 16. They had drum solos that went on for 27 minutes, and thought they were awesome, but apparently weren’t.

Number Thirteen: Brian Johnson Thought He Was Done with Music

He had a somewhat successful band called Goldie, but at age 32, he discovered that they weren’t heading anywhere big, and with a 12-year-old girl to take care of, deciding to start his own roof repair business. He had no way of seeing what was coming.

Number Twelve: Paul McCartney’s Advice to Brian

AC/DC headlined the Coachella music festival recently, and Johnson ran into the former Beatles member near the venue. He told him the kids will think of you as someone their dad listens to but eventually get into it.

Number Eleven: The ‘Roller Coaster’

The band’s founding member and guitarist had to leave the band due to dementia a couple years ago, and they lost the drummer as well due to drug charges. He described these events as a “roller coaster,” quite understandably.

Number Ten: He Didn’t Know He Had It in Him

Mutt Lange, the producer of Back in Black, encouraged him to hit the high notes. Before this, he didn’t know he had it in him!

Number Nine: An Alternative Career Choice

He has suggested that he could license his voice to every fire brigade in the world. We hope you enjoyed part one of our entertaining list of facts about Brian Johnson. Return soon for part two.

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