Britney Spears ft. Iggy Azalea: 'Pretty Girls' Single Review

Britney Spears ft. Iggy Azalea: ‘Pretty Girls’ Single Review

Britney Spears ft. Iggy Azalea: ‘Pretty Girls’ Single Review

Who dat who dat? It’s I.G.G.Y. and Britney, Bitch, the original “Pretty Girls,” and they’re here for world domination with their summery smasher. After months of teasing us with news about their upcoming collaboration, Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea released “Pretty Girls.” Both Spears and Azalea promised that the single would be a hot one ready made for dancing and getting down with your bad self, and they have more than delivered in terms of hit factor with their undeniably bright romp.

The single is an anthem custom tailored for all those pretty girls out there and anyone else who wants a piece of the action. Built around the song’s unabashedly confident chorus, Britney and Iggy share the spotlight, bragging about the perks of being the center of a man’s attention from L.A. to Australia. What exactly are the perks of living the life of a pretty girl? According to B-Girl and Iggy the perks include jumping lines, wiping the floors with their army of boy toys, and getting exactly what they want. Sounds like it is a hard knock life for these pretty girls.

Britney’s vocal delivery on “Pretty Girls” couldn’t be more different from her moody approach to her Giorgio Moroder assisted take on “Tom’s Diner.” Here our “Toxic” siren is at her most sex kittenish as brazenly chants and even growls the lyrics. Spears takes mankind’s obsession with pretty girls into an otherworldly dimension when she ponders if the obsessed boys are from Mars, a subtle reference to her days in the iconic red leather catsuit on set for “Oops!…I Did It Again” as well as to the space-themed music video Brit and Iggy shot for “Pretty Girls.” There is a sense of confidence and breezy energy to her delivery, especially on her improvised vocal runs and additional come-ons (SLAY BRITNEY, SLAY).

Iggy’s addition to “Pretty Girls” is equally powerful, especially her brag-filled rap towards the end. The Aussie rapper’s flow perfectly fits the song’s production, and she adds in a second reference to Britney’s earlier hits. This time around, she references Britney’s chart-topping debut as a schoolgirl gone bad on “Baby One More Time.” Both women know they’re pretty, and they are proud of flaunting it on the track.

Production wise, “Pretty Girls” is absolutely made for dancing. After a short intro, the song immediately hops into the chorus, complete with a driving drum line and whirring synth under the vocals. Production pulls back a bit on the verses so that Britney’s vocals reverberate over the pulsing beat. As Brit and Iggy move into the second chorus a glimmering chime comes in, adding a dazzling element to the crazed production. A soft female choir provides backing behind Iggy’s verse, and Britney adds some additional improved notes underneath. The final result is an inescapable bop that will force you to dance along. Trust me, I should know because I have been dancing the entire time that I have written this review.

My one complaint about the track is that it could have been a little longer. Coming in at just under three minutes (the song clocks in around 2:44), the song could have benefitted from an extended dance break or even an extended outro complete with a little more vocal improvising. As it stands, the track is filled to bursting with energy from start to finish. Just giving the production a little time to breathe may have added new dimension and much-needed chance to catch your breath.

Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea perfectly play their roles as wildly demanding pretty girls. Whereas Alyson Stoner’s “Pretty Girls” alludes to the dangers of giving power to pretty women, Britney and Iggy’s take on the title is a brazen brag fest. They’re pretty and they know it. Even more, they’re pretty and they like it. They enjoy the benefits of their good looks, and they have no issue letting you know it. The result is a playful yet powerful performance. The girls aren’t giving anyone an inch, and their delivery is without a doubt commanding.

All in all, “Pretty Girls” absolutely delivers everything that Britney and Iggy promised that it would. It’s a bright summery anthem, filled with outrageously fun lyrics and an easily danceable beat. This is the type of song for driving on the highway with your top down, for booty popping in the club, or for just about any other summer activity.

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