Britney Spears' 'Pretty Girls' is Pretty Far Out There

Britney Spears’ ‘Pretty Girls’ is Pretty Far Out There

Britney Spears has returned to planet earth after spending 2 years on her pop mission at the Planet Hollywood resort in Nevada, Las Vegas. But don’t worry, if you have not been able to see her “Piece Of Me” show in Vegas, she will be there until Jan 2016. Besides getting new “Piece Of Me” show dates, subject spears has dropped a brand new musical visual today to match up with the breezy, hip, cool new single “Pretty Girls” featuring Iggy Azalea.  The single dropped about two weeks ago and has had a massive amount of radio play and been able to stay in the Top 40 of iTunes with no video, until now. The video, along with a performance on May 17th at the Billboard music awards, should make the song jump on the charts but it seems thats not what Britney is out for. With no album in plan, “Pretty Girls” along with the video, bring spears back into a certain light that we have not seen from her in a while. Britney is having fun people!

Much like Azalea’s single “Fancy”, “Pretty Girls” plays off a classic movie. This time its the 1988 film Earth Girls Are Easy. In the film a “Pretty Girl” finds an alien in her backyard and transforms her into a pretty popular girl just like herself. The music videos plays around with the same synopsis, with Iggy being our alien and Britney our main popular pretty girl. Much like the film, Britney transforms Iggy and takes her out on the town including a dancing jeep ride to the local car wash were just so happens all the boys are washing cars. After Iggy transforms the water into pink pretty water and zaps an ATM machine, the girls meet up with two more pretty girls and head on over to a super cool 80s inspired dance party.

Britney shines through the party with her fresh dance moves, the most we’ve seen Britney move in a long time. The best part of the whole video is the honesty from Britney. While this is obviously not something deep and personal, it does seem more like an early 2000s Britney than anything. The smiles, the giggles, even the dance moves actually seem like Britney and not just something her manager told her to do.  It’s really great to see Britney in such a fun, bright way and the song is catchy for sure. At the moment, it’s being built up to be the song of the summer which i can’t honestly say it will be it or it won’t, but i am happy to see Britney dancing and on the charts again. Maybe someday soon we will get Album 9 and it will contain much more than Brit reaching out for the pretty females out there. But in the meantime, this is a tune you will surely be humming along too.

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