Why Britney Spears' Voice Should Be Heard

Why Britney Spears’ Voice Should Be Heard

Courtesy of Michael Kovac / Getty Images

Courtesy of Michael Kovac / Getty Images

Undeniably one of the most successful pop artists of all time, Britney Spears has come a long way. From being a pop sweetheart to a sexualized femme fatale, Ms. Spears was able to transcend influence in various media. However, by taking a closer look at her career, it is evident that her voice has been shut down many times. Her influence is so huge that it can reach even the farthest of places. However, it is interesting to note that despite this influence, she continues to sing generic pop songs on her more recent records.

To understand the point I am trying to elucidate, let us go back to the time when Ms. Spears was everybody’s sweetheart. She paved the way for many other teenage women to express themselves. Her persona cut through her audience. She is arguably one of the most relatable artists around. People listen to her because of the purity of her character and the realness in her delivery.

Through her songs, we know that she evolves. She told us her loneliness ain’t killing her no more, right? The not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman confused pop star finally came of age after a breakup that revealed her soul. We realized that she is just like most of us when she sang “Everytime.” She gets hurt. But she must move on.

Listening to her newer songs though can be a bit heartbreaking, especially for people who have been with her since day one. While she still manages to pull off the catchiest beats, she lost the relatability that made people love her in the first place. The purity of her soul and the realness in her songs cannot be heard anymore. “Work Bitch” might be anthemic, but it is categorically just formulaic. “Perfume” is emotional, but it is definitely not heartfelt.

Ms. Spears should finally stop muting her own voice by liberating herself from unnecessary autotune. With her influence, she could save a billion lives through her songs. The decline in the record sales of Ms. Spears is not representative of her failing star power. It is just a manifestation of the people’s need to reconnect with her. I am sure that we all agree that Ms. Spears still has it. However, she needs to set herself free from the bondage of generically senseless pop music. It is definitely hight time for her to start taking full control of her career. The world is waiting for the next song that will reveal her soul. For every heartfelt song she delivers, she might just be singing for the powerless fan she used to empower.

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