Brooklyn Decker: 15 Lesser-Known Facts (Part 1)

Brooklyn Decker: 15 Lesser-Known Facts (Part 1)

Brooklyn Decker: 15 Lesser-Known Facts (Part 1)

Brooklyn Decker was born in 1987 in Ohio. She is an American model and actress, and has appeared in magazines, Victoria Secret’s swimsuit collection, and a few different films. Here is part one of our list of facts about her.

Number Fifteen: More of a Hugger Than Hand Shaker

Interviewers have noticed that Brooklyn has a particularly warm way about her. Instead of formal hand shaking, she likes to hug instead, and thanks people for the tiniest of gestures.

Number Fourteen: Offered Work From Someone Who Didn’t Recognize Her

She was walking down the street in California one day and got approached by a race car driver. He was looking for models for his calendar and didn’t realize that he was talking to one of the industry’s biggest models.

Number Thirteen: She Thought She Was Too Big

Unlike other models, she isn’t all skin and bones. She actually has curves, breasts, and is a size four. She assumed that this could lead to problems and would be considered “too big” for the industry.

Number Twelve: Eating Disorders And Her Father

For a while when she started out in the industry, she tried doing fasts and dropping pounds quickly. A pep talk from her dad made her realize the silliness of this approach, and she found that once she gained a healthy weight again, she got even more work.

Number Eleven: Dispelling Rumors

She worked with Jennifer Aniston on a film and there were rumors about Aniston being jealous. Brooklyn vehemently denies this and says that Jennifer couldn’t have been a bigger supporter.

Number Ten: Brooklyn Decker Is Goofy

She says that when people hear the words “bikini model” they often have ideas about what her personality would be like. Then she comes onto set and surprises them by showing up in pajamas with no makeup, and belches.

Number Nine: Exercise, Hiking, And Kayaking

The model does exercise videos, and works out five days a week. While shooting a film in Hawaii, she spent a lot of time enjoying the outdoors by hiking and kayaking. We hope you enjoyed part one of our list of facts about the beautiful Brooklyn Decker. Check back for part two, coming soon!

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