Brooklyn Decker: 15 Lesser-Known Facts (Part 2)

Brooklyn Decker: 15 Lesser-Known Facts (Part 2)

Brooklyn Decker: 15 Lesser-Known Facts (Part 2)

Brooklyn Decker is one of the hottest models in the industry today. Not only does she model, but she also does some acting, and has appeared in a film with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. Here is part two of our list of facts about the star.

Number Eight: It’s All About the Hard Work

Brooklyn has heard a fellow model claim to eat nothing but cheeseburgers and pizza, and maintain a nice physique. Brooklyn, on the other hand, says she has to work hard at it, but it’s all worth it.

Number Seven: A Unique Sense of Humor

She loves when something bold and unexpected comes out of someone’s mouth. She describes her sense of humor as dry (like British humor), dirty, and slightly off. That’s her style.

Number Six: Brooklyn Decker And Her Open Friendships

She has a group of friends who are all very open. They talk about everything, and there are absolutely no boundaries.

Number Five: Her Thoughts on Social Media

She compares Instagram to people’s “Greatest hits albums.” Instead of seeing the real life grit of people’s day to day lives, you’re seeing some glossed-over version.

Number Four: Indie or Action Films in the Future

When asked about what types of films she’d like to act in next, she’s said she’d enjoy doing an indie comedy or possibly an action movie. She would love to play a badass character.

Number Three: Her Future Husband Set Up a Meeting

Andy Roddick, her tennis star husband, saw her on television and asked his agent to book a meeting with her. She saw him and was instantly head over heels, and the two got married two years later.

Number Two: Tacky Sweater Parties

The couple is known for throwing humorous parties around the holiday season such as tacky sweater parties. She thinks married life suits her very well and enjoys having someone to celebrate with.

Number One: Her Insatiable Sweet Tooth

While she states that she could easily give up fried foods forever, she could never part ways with her sweets (such as candy, cookies, or ice cream.) Thanks for reading part two of our list!

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