Brothertiger - In Mind (Official Music Video)

Brothertiger – In Mind

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Swooping aerial shots of scenic California hills and coast lines open the music video for Brothertiger’s “In Mind.” A young man in motorcycling, navigating the winding hill road, and we come across him after he has crashed his bike. Sprawled spread-eagle on the dirt, the camera sweeps over him, and he opens his eyes just as Brothertiger’s synths kick in full force. A beautiful montage of memories with his lost love progresses. Stockton Lane, the Los Angeles based directing team consisting of Robert Nyerges and Matt Hardman, depict the gorgeous hipster couple at Matador Beach (the infamous model and hipster hideout), fireworks going off in the sunset. The lovers are “parking” at night, they are on a balcony holding hands, they are frolicking in the woods, they are at a train station, pushed apart by insensitive strangers. The cinematography is beautiful – this summer love story pairs wonderfully with the full bodied synths in “In Mind.”

Directed by Robert Nyerges and Matt Hardman for Stockton Lane Content
Cinematography by Chris Westlund of n a u t i c o 
Music by Brothertiger 

Written by