Brown Eyed Girls Gain: ‘Paradise Lost’ Music Video Review

Brown Eyed Girls Gain: ‘Paradise Lost’ Music Video Review

On 12th March 2015, Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In; glides her way back into the k-pop scene, with her fifth EP ‘Hawwah.’ With the first title track used for promotions is the haunting and biblical-inspired ‘Paradise Lost.’

Inspiration for the paradise lost music video, is taken from John Milton’s’ poem Paradise lost; which is about Adam and Hawwah being expelled from the Garden of Eden after succumbing to the temptation the snake offered them. The music video starts off with words appearing on the screen one after another ending with the word Hawwah being shown. The video is set in a building that could be located in a less reputable part of a town, the building has been decorated to look dark and run down; not a place most people would be if they have not given into temptation. Additional scenes used in the video is of a working church organ being playing; while Ga In laying on the steps in front of the organ.

Throughout the video placed in between the building scenes is the a golden backdrop scene used for the group choreography; with Ga In and the back up dancers dressed in both black and white outfits. The white outfits dance scenes are used to contrast with the black outfit dance scenes, to possibly showcase the light and darkness that the world holds. Another scene has Ga In dancing in front of a mirror performing choreography that imitates the movements of a snake; as snakes have been used in the video to represent the temptation that the snake gave Adam and Hawwah. The music video ends Ga In  sitting in the middle of the floor in a large room, with a group of naked men crawling backwards away from her.

The choreography performed by Ga In and the back up dancers, is more artistic and used to try to represent the story the music video is telling. With the dance moves performed to imitate the movements of a snake; when the snake is moving across the ground.

The backing track used has been composed of steel guitar sound, with string on pipe organ instrumentation, that has created a sound that is rarely used in the pop music scene. This unique instrumental has created a sound that is identified solely with Ga In, who is known for pushing the boundaries with the musical releases. As Ga In always makes a statement with her releases this allows the music to stand out amongst the other k-pop releases at the time.

The translated lyrics,”Turn the lights off please / So you can see all of me / Right now, we’re free / Nowhere we want to go back” and “I feel. I’m real / Where are you right now / Right now, I’m almost at paradise / I’m here. I’m yours / Just remember this / You and I, another paradise.” These lyrics show that Ga In and the director have created the link between the music video plot-line and the singing, that most kpop videos usually lack. Because of this link the music video has become one of kpops darkest music video of 2015, the lyrics talk about Adam and Hawwah finding their own paradise together after being expelled from the Garden of Eden.

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