Bruce Willis: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 1)

Bruce Willis: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

Bruce Willis: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 1)

Bruce Willis has been one of the biggest names in Hollywood for decades. Starting in the 1980’s, he became a huge action star and a household name. He’s less active in film now, but his life still has plenty of interesting tidbits. Here’s the first part of the list…

Number Fifteen: He Had A Stutter as a Child. Apparently it was a pretty severe stutter, and he went to great lengths to try to get over it. He even went as far as enrolling in his high school drama class to get over his anxiety, which then led to his commitment to acting.

Number Fourteen: He Wasn’t Born in the United States. Like most action stars, Bruce Willis would probably be identified by most in the United States as unquestionably American. And even though he represents his home state of New Jersey, he was actually born on an army base in West Germany where his father was stationed.

Number Thirteen: He Was Student President. Bruce Willis was elected student class president of his high school when he was in his senior year.  I guess that stutter didn’t hold him back too much after all.

Number Twelve: He Has Partial Hearing Loss. When he was on the set of Die Hard, there was a scene in which he was placed to close to extremely loud gunfire.  This resulted in a two-thirds hearing loss in one ear, something from which he has never recovered.

Number Eleven: He is the First Actor in a Video Game. Following the success of his film Armageddon – as well as the success of many other of his movies – a video game was developed specifically for Bruce Willis. But it wasn’t based on that movie, or any other movie, for that matter. It was called Apocalypse, and it was an entirely new story starring the voice and likeness of the actor.

Number Ten: He Was a Successful Music Artist. In the late 1980’s, his record “The Return of Bruno” sold well. This was in large part due to the success of the single “Respect Yourself,” which rose to #5 on the charts. Look out for more surprises in part 2 of this list, on its way soon.

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