Caesar Salad: 15 Fun Facts You Never Know (Part 1)

Caesar Salad: 15 Fun Facts You Never Know (Part 1)

Caesar salad is a beloved meal choice for many, but what you didn’t know about this delicious dish may really surprise you! Although it has ingrained itself into our varieties of classic cuisine, this salad is often misunderstood by its consumers. Don’t worry, we are here to set the facts straight for you! Don’t forget to come back for our part two article, coming soon with the top eight fun facts you never knew about Caesar salad!

Number Fifteen: The Caesar Salad Test

This iconic type of salad is renowned for its unique “Caesar salad test”. A well-done version of this salad will give you immensely terrible breath. Therefor if you go to kiss someone after and they don’t tell you how utterly awful your breath is, you haven’t had a decent version.

Number Fourteen: It isn’t a Healthy Option

Alright people, it is time to crush your dreams and debunk this dieting myth. The action of calling a dish a “salad” does not a healthy option make. If you are trying to stick to healthful options to drop some weight, this salad won’t help you to do that. A healthy salad is defined by healthy ingredients, and this particular version is covered in fat.

Number Thirteen: The Shocking Origin

Unless you have done some research on this subject, we’re willing to bet that you never knew where this salad originated from. We sure didn’t. Oddly enough, it all started in a Mexican city called Tijuana. Restauranteur Chef Caesar Cardini was hosting a Fourth of July celebration. He ran out of food, and simply threw the ingredients he had lying around the kitchen into a unique salad. Obviously, it was a huge success.

Number Twelve: Going Traditional

In order to make a traditional version of this famous salad, you might have to cut out a few of the Americanized additions. Sadly, this includes chicken and bacon.

Number Eleven: The Classic Recipe

When it comes to Mexican cuisine, it is essential to serve the classic version of this salad. Actually, it is much lighter than the options we see in America. The sole components of this classic recipe are: full leaves of Roman lettuce, Caesar dressing, parmesan cheese, and a single crouton. The traditional ingredients required to make the dressing are anchovies, olive oil, salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, Dijon, lime juice, and raw eggs. Any additions other than these components are simply not traditional.

Number Ten: The Dressing

As hard as it may be to be believe, the Caesar dressing is actually considered to be a vinaigrette. It is made by combining minced garlic and anchovies into a main bowl, and mixing with raw egg. Olive oil is progressively added to the mixture, and the remaining ingredients (lime juice, salt, pepper, Worcestershire, and Dijon) and added in. The resulting hue of the dressing should be yellow, not white like the fake copy cats we see in America.

Number Nine: The Crouton

That’s right, sadly, you only get one crouton. However, it has its benefits. You may be picturing a sad cube of stale, crunchy bread, but the traditional crouton is actually a larger slice of elegant toasted bread. It decorates the top of the coated bed of lettuce, and gets tossed with the dressing as well. Don’t forget to come back for our part two article, coming soon with the top eight fun facts you never knew about Caesar salad!

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