Caitlyn Jenner: Top 8 Most Common Misconceptions

Caitlyn Jenner: Top 8 Most Common Misconceptions

Caitlyn Jenner: Top 8 Most Common Misconceptions

Caitlyn Jenner shocked most of the world when she came out during her transition into being a woman. Bravely, Caitlyn followed what she had always known to be true inside and decided to finally transition into the gender she always should have been. With the entire world watching, Caitlyn helped bring transgender issues into the mainstream media with grace and humility. You may think you know the whole story, but here are the eight most common misconceptions about Ms. Jenner that you didn’t know.

Number Eight: Caitlyn Jenner Didn’t Know She Wanted To Change Genders Until Recently

Caitlyn Jenner had always known that she wanted to be a female, even before she knew the words to say it. She spent much of her childhood borrowing her sister’s clothing and playing dress up, however this was largely never discussed and Bruce was left to feel that it was a habit that should be hidden.

Number Seven: She Doesn’t Believe In God

On the contrary, Caitlyn is actually a firm believer in God. She prays often and regularly cites God as her rock of strength and stability moving forward in the transition process.

Number Six: She’s A Democrat

Caitlyn is surprisingly not a Dem, but actually a staunch Republican. She has openly critiqued Democratic candidates and has said she would never vote for Hillary Clinton.

Number Five: Her Transition Has Been Easy

Yes, her transition was a bit easier than many other transgender individuals, but I think a more fitting word would be different. Would it be easy to have the entire world watching as you go from being known as the ultimate, male sports star into a feminine woman? I don’t think so.

Number Four: She Must Like Men

Contrary to popular belief, your gender identity does not equate your sexual orientation. Just because Caitlyn Jenner is now a female does not mean that she is also homosexual. She still considers herself heterosexual and enjoys dating women.

Number Three: She’s Not As Good Of A Parent/Father Now As A Woman

Caitlyn has actually said that she thinks she is a better parent and father now as a woman than she ever was before. Her children have expressed similar thoughts based on the fact that now a huge weight and secret has been lifted off the relationships.

Number Two: She Expects Everyone To Be Politically Correct Always

Caitlyn understands that people will slip up and say “Bruce,” “he,” or “him,” and she is happy to correct you without making you feel embarrassed. It’s all a part of the process and she understands that it is a learning process for everyone involved, her included.

Number One: She’s Lost Interest In Her More Masculine Activities

She may now enjoy painting her nails, shopping for heels, and other more feminine activities, but don’t get it twisted. Caitlyn still adores all the previous “masculine” activities she always loved like helicopter flying and racing in cars and ATVs with her kids.

You may think you have Caitlyn figured out, but you’ll be surprised to learn that there’s a lot you don’t know. Hopefully this has shed some light on some common misconceptions people believe about her.

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