Calvin Harris ft. Tinashe: '5 AM' Single Review

Calvin Harris ft. Tinashe: ‘5 AM’ Single Review

Calvin Harris ft. Tinashe: ‘5 AM’ Single Review

It is one thing to be a singer and songwriter, but it is another to be a singer, songwriter, record producer and DJ. Scottish artist Calvin Harris is all of those things. Tell me how you’ll fail to market your new music when you are the one behind the decks on parties and radio? This multi-talented artist has teamed up with another multi-talented artist, Tinashe, who is an actress, songwriter, record producer, dancer, director and former model on his new single titled “5 AM.”

Just how much talent has gone into this song? Way too much, and it is not marveling at all that together, they created a song this magnificent. Before we go into the amazing details of this song, let me give you an impressive fact about Calvin Harris. He surpassed the late king of pop, Michael Jackson, to hold the record of the most top ten hits from one studio album on the UK Singles charts with nine hits. Let that sink in. This gentleman has mastered the craft of making music and not just music – good music. A Calvin Harris song is not hard to tell, the distinction from other electro house and electro-pop musicians is outstanding in the quality of music he produces. His quality is owned by him and his sound is his as well. It is utter uniqueness.

Tinashe takes the lead on “5 AM,” her pleasing vocals welcome us to the song and keep us pleasantly occupied throughout the song. One of the many impressive things about Tinashe on this song is her peerless ability to casually control her stupefying voice. This not your regular beat that Tinashe sings to for “5 AM.” This is a cautiously created beat by Calvin Harris. So best believe it is as different as you’d expect. Her ability to maintain complete comfort throughout the song makes her a formidable opponent for all her competition. She knows when to go high, low and when to go soft with her strong – sharp voice.

“5 AM I can’t eat right / I can’t sleep right / I can’t do anything without you / I’ve been running from you all night and now I feel like / I can’t do anything without you / want you, I want you babe,” Tinashe sings on the chorus. 5 am must be that time of the early morning where emotions are hyperactive. Tinashe talks about running from him all night, but at 5 am she suddenly wants him. She can’t do anything without him. In her second verse, she asks him why he is trying to play, he knows she’s ready, and like a buffet, her body is his for the taking. Over powering emotions have Tinashe practicing tricks to use on him, and she has got plenty. This is a very arousing song, and the thought of Tinashe being the lady behind those eliciting lyrics only makes it worse.

“5 AM” is a superior collaboration from two multi-talented artists. I heard a lot of Calvin Harris music before I finally put a face to the music and high reputation. That reputation is elevated further every time he releases a new song. We ought to recognize the excellent choice of artist to feature on the beat he created for “5 AM.” With such a beat, very few female artists that could make a near-perfect creation with it come to mind. Picking out Tinashe, and together making such an enormously impressive song, is a factor that must be commended. “5 AM” is not an unexpectedly splendid song, Tinashe featured on Calvin Harris’ latest album Motion, on a song titled “Dollar Signs,” where she put up an impressive performance. With “5 AM,” we can comfortably say they have done it again. It is such a beautiful song with a sound that is one of a kind. If good music is the description of your daily playlists, “5 AM” absolutely fits that description.

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