Can You Identify These 11 Bands Without Their Lead Singers?

Can You Identify These 11 Bands Without Their Lead Singers?

Can You Identify These 11 Bands Without Their Lead Singers?

Many bands are most recognizable by their lead singers, but just how responsible are lead singers in making a band recognizable? Well, you’re about to find out. Here, we present an 11-question test featuring pictures of popular bands with the lead singer’s face blurred out. Think you know all there is to know about music? Test your knowledge here – you might be surprised by what you find out!

Number Eleven: One of the World’s Most Popular Bands

This band is responsible for shaping much of music’s culture. Do you recognize them without the lead singer?

Number Ten: This Metal Band With Numerous Hits

This band is well-known and extremely popular. Are you struggling yet?

Number Nine: A Very Polarizing Band

We’ll give you a hint for this one, although you might not need it. This band’s lead singer is known for his activism but also has a lot of haters.

Number Eight: This Band That Truly Epitomizes Classic Rock

You’ll definitely recognize this band once you hear the name. Still stuck? Keep on moving, it only gets harder!

Number Seven: One of the Hottest Indie Bands Around

This band has sold millions of records. Can you name it?

Number Six:  This Upbeat, London-Based Band

We gave you one hint already. Can you name them without the lead singer in view?

Number Five: A Murderously Talented Band

We snuck another hint in there for you! If you’re stuck, just keep reading.

Number Four: A Famously Successful Band

Responsible for numerous hits, this English band is instantly recognizable. However, without their lead singer, you might find the task of identifying them a little trickier.

Number Three: An Outspoken Band With Even More Outspoken Members

The lead singer of this popular band might be blurred out, but you should still be able to recognize the bassist. After all, he’s named after a pest!

Number Two: This ’90s Band With Several Famous Members

The members of this band were responsible for introducing raw, gritty music into the scene. You should still be able to recognize one of its members, who was married to the lead singer!

Number One: This Band, Whose Lead Singer Is Also a Solo Artist

You’ll be facepalming after seeing the answer to this band. Check out all of the answers below!

Number Eleven: Queen
Number Ten: Black Sabbath
Number Nine: U2
Number Eight: Pearl Jam
Number Seven: Coldplay
Number Six: Florence + the Machine
Number Five: The Killers
Number Four: Radiohead
Number Three: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Number Two: Sonic Youth
Number One: The Strokes

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