Cancer: 5 Tips to Help Pay the Massive Bills

Cancer: 5 Tips to Help Pay the Massive Bills

Cancer: 5 Tips to Help Pay the Massive Bills

The onset of cancer is tragic enough, and it only becomes worse when you receive the massive treatment bills. If you find yourself overwhelmed with medical debt just for keeping your loved ones comfortable, we are here to help. Luckily, there are ways to get through this trying financial time. Read on to discover our top five tips!

Number Five: Consult a Professional

Specialized professionals are available to help you find the best ways to cover these sort of larger medical bills. There are patient advocates, social workers, and case managers who will be able to help you make a plan. They specialize in giving patients treatment options, social support and aid, and sources for financial help.

Number Four: Consult Your Insurer

Your insurance provider is there to help you cover financial burdens, so they will (or should) be of the utmost help in these situations. In many cases, a patient advocate will be able to get the most coverage because they have the experience to know what they are looking for. However, you should take the time to become familiar with the maximum amount that your provider can give you, as well as the average costs and coverage for necessary medications.

Number Three: Cover the Cancer Medications

The most basic medications should be covered by any insurance plan. If you are unsure about yours, take the time to check into Medicare Part D. This is often known as the Medicare drug plan, or comprehensive supplemental insurance. This helps to ensure that every patients receive the care they need.

Number Two: Monitor Insurance Coverage

If the patient struck with cancer has an inability to work, you may want to take a closer look into insurance. Unfortunately, a person’s insurance plan is likely to change in this case. The best way to find the information you are in need of is through the human resource department for your providing company. If the status changes, there are free resources to find a plan that will cover the patient through the Foundation for Health Coverage Education hotline.

Number One: Seek a Settlement

If you have become severely desperate, it may be beneficial to look into a viatical settlement. This action involves the selling of the patient’s life insurance for cash that can be used right away. Always consult a professional before taking such a large risk; they should be able to give you the best option for financial coverage. We hope you enjoyed our five tips for paying massive cancer bills!

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