Cancer: Top 8 Miraculous Stories of Being Cured

Cancer: Top 8 Miraculous Stories of Being Cured

Cancer: Top 8 Miraculous Stories of Being Cured

Cancer is something that most of us have been affected by in one way or another. Whether you are currently fighting it or know someone who has, it’s known as a very difficult disease that can oftentimes be impossible to beat if not caught soon enough. But, here are the top eight miraculous stories of people diagnosed with cancer that were inexplicably cured to give you some much needed hope in miracles.

Number Eight: 74-Year-Old Woman Is Cured From Skin Cancer Naturally

When a 74-year-old woman came in with advanced carcinoma, a type of skin cancer, her options were bleak. Rather than subjecting her to radiation or amputation that she might not survive, the doctor decided to wait on it. While waiting, the patient’s tumors started shrinking. After 20 weeks, she was entirely cancer-free. A miracle she credits to kissing a religious relic, but one her doctor’s have no explanation for.

Number Seven: Woman’s Tumor Led To Fertility Problems Until She Conceived And It Disappeared

A women in the U.K. discovered a tumor between her rectum and uterus that had kept her from getting pregnant. Miraculously, she conceived and once the healthy baby was delivered doctors found no sign of the tumor. Nine years later and she is still cancer-free.

Number Six: Man With Inoperable Head And Neck Cancer Cured By Church

Inoperable head and neck cancer left 56-year-old Greg Thomas thinking he wouldn’t survive much longer. After numerous failed radiation and chemotherapy treatments, the doctors told him to start planning his funeral. He started volunteering at church to help restore it and somehow the doctors were amazed to find not only did he not need the intense pain relievers they were prescribing, but the tumors were shrinking. Today, he is fully recovered and the church has been restored thanks to his efforts.

Number Five: Man Tries Experimental Therapy As Last-Ditch Effort And Lives

Joseph Rick had accepted that he would die from the cancer in his body. After 15 months of treatment, nine surgeries, and numerous chemotherapy and radiation sessions nothing was working. As a last-ditch effort he tried an experimental therapy, only to have it save his life. His doctors were shocked, as was Rick, since he had already bought a cemetery plot and begun planning his funeral.

Number Four: Told She Had Two Months To Live, Jane Plant Beat Breast Cancer And Lives To Tell The Tale

Jane Plant was told she only had two months to live once re-diagnosed with breast cancer. Instead of resigning with the information the doctors gave her, Plant decided to do her own research and found that breast cancer was much less common in China. So, she integrated a diet that was regularly followed in that part of the world and was shocked to find that after additional chemotherapy and sticking with the diet, the tumor was gone and never came back.

Number Three: Diagnosed With Terminal Lung Cancer Angela Profit Survived

Angela Proft’s cancer had spread to her lungs and was told it was terminal back in 2001. A decade later and she is still alive and well, despite numerous resurgences of the cancer in her body. She credits her survival to setting new goals in her life and staying active.

Number Two: Sue Wigg Was Diagnosed With Lethal Skin Cancer But Survived And Thrived

Sue Wigg was diagnosed with not only lethal skin cancer, but then a tumor was found in both her liver and her brain. Shocked by the rate at which cancer was consuming her body, she fought back and underwent numerous therapies. She has had recent scares, a mole and lymph nodes removed, but overall she credits her survival with her drive to survive and maintain her mental capacities.

Number One: Diagnosed With A Brain Tumor,  Anne Feeley Thought She Would Die

Anne Feeley was diagnosed with a lethal brain tumor that would take her life within a year. To help plan for the worst, she retired and focused on enjoying the last bit of her time with her family. Four years later and the tumor had yet to progress. She’s not sure what’s kept it at bay, but continues to live her life like there’s no tomorrow.

Cancer is a hell of a disease that can steal you or your loved one’s future. By some miracle, these individuals were able to beat the often terminal disease and live full, happy, and healthy lives. Here’s to hoping many others get a chance to experience a miracle like these.

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