Candela Music - So Natural (Official Music Video)

Candela Music – So Natural

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Candela Music’s “So Natural” music video is set and was filmed on the gorgeous beaches of Piñones, Puerto Rico in April of 2014. It captures the lifestyle of the band and promotes their shared “natural” state of mind. They start out with just a simple guitar melody while cruising along in a convertible along the coastline. Sunbeams reflect off the camera lens as they drive slowly towards their destination – the beach, of course, for a relaxing cook out. A retro van does a slow drive-by in order to grab one missing friend who raps as he walks along the side of the road. Once everyone is together, the beach party gets started, complete with jam sesh, football tossing, surfing, drinks and food, and a giant bonfire lit in a pit dug in the sand. They even dug a ditch around the pit so that everyone could sit in a circle around the fire on a sand “bench.” Lazy summer days are definitely what comes to mind with this video.

Directed, filmed, and edited by René Pedrosa
This is the first music video for Candela Music’s, “So Natural
Captures the lifestyle of the band and their “natural” state of mind. At first, it was just a simple melody on guitar and some vocals but soon it became a story, our story. The video was recorded on the beautiful beaches of Piñones, Puerto Rico in April 2014. The entire team worked very hard and we are proud to have this incredible piece as our first official video.


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