Candy Crush: 7 Things You didn't Know 

Candy Crush: 7 Things You didn’t Know

Candy Crush: 7 Things You didn't Know

You have to be living under a rock to not have heard about Candy Crush. The puzzle game has taken the gaming world by storm since 2012 – its founding year. Even if you are not a player, I am sure all those Facebook invitations to play it must have had you wondering what it really is. Once you start playing it, either through the Facebook app or your mobile, you are sure to get addicted. And if you are already an addict, then these following facts will blow your mind! Especially the last one.

Number Seven: The Candy Crush Creators Met While Working On A Dating Site

Melvyn Morris, Riccardo Zacconi and Toby Rowland worked on the dating giant They wanted to pursue gaming because it was their passion. Thanks to them, we found ours too!

Number Six: The Smartphone Version Is More Popular Than The Facebook Version

This is because Android is growing and making its way into the Asian market. Also, more and more older audience is getting interested in the game and they find it easier to play via their phones.

Number Five: Candy Crush is HUGE in Hong Kong and Japan

One in seven people play CC Saga in Hong Kong. In Japan, it is the number one most downloaded game on the iOS since December 2013. I rest my case.

Number Four: It Makes $800,000 A Day

According to the Guardian, the game makes $800,000 for its makers daily. This amount comes from purchase of new lives and boosters that enable the players succeed to higher levels.

Number Three: The amount of People That Play This Game

Again, as per the Guardian, an estimated 93 million people play this game daily. And this number is growing as the game penetrates deeper into the Asian markets.

Number Two: The Worth of This Game

The Candy Crush Saga is valued at a staggering $7.1 billion. The figure dropped slightly after its Wall Street debut, but it still leaves a lot to take home for its makers and investors.

Number One: There is a Candy Crush 2 in the making

The creators are working on a sequel but have yet to disclose when that will happen. We also do not know whether the second version will be available simultaneously with the first one or whether it will replace it. So, we have our fingers crossed!

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