Can't Teach an Old Bike New Tricks

Can’t Teach an Old Bike New Tricks

Can’t Teach an Old Bike New Tricks
Happy Friday everyone.  Congratulations!  You just survived yet another work week.  Now it’s time to sit back and relax, and what better way is there to relax than a nice bike ride? That is unless you are like me would rather base jump off of the Empire State Building than get on one of those unprotected, fast moving, skin shredding machines.  The happiest day of my life was learning to ride a bike because after that moment I knew no one would ever force me to ride one again.  Living in New York does’t ease my fear as I spend much of my daily commute running away in terror from renegade cyclists who randomly choose what traffic rules they are going to follow that day.   Despite all that, Rob Cantor’s new music video Old Bike does evoke some heartfelt nostalgia for a bike ride in the park. Off of his new album “Not a Trampoline”, Cantor’s video is a great way to cam your senses in preparation for the wild weekend ahead of you.
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Starting out in a funeral (not a good start for someone afraid of bikes) the dreamlike video takes the viewer on a journey backwards through time as a dying woman views her own past via a pleasantly paced bike ride.  Rest assured, there are no collisions or wipeouts on this ride.  Everything is serene and calm.  In fact, one could make the argument that it’s TOO calm and not exciting enough for the journey its trying to depict.  Pretty pictures can get pretty boring as three minutes of watching a bike ride can have you repeatedly checking how much time is left.  A bike ride may be fun (I guess) but watching it isn’t exactly something one would call thrilling.  That is, until things get trippy in the last third, which i won’t spoil here.

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Lighting is where this video really shines (ha).  Through manipulation of many different light beams, Cantor is able to emphasize the varying scenery of her past life while never losing focus on the woman herself.  In fact, despite all the cavorting throughout memories past, the video never takes focus off of the two main characters: The woman and her bike.  The drawback is that all the many beams of light can wash out the image, prompting one to put on some sunglasses before watching this video (though that may not be such a bad thing for bike lovers).

Check it out and share it with both music and bicycle enthusiasts, as those are the ones most likely to feel a pang of nostalgia for it.  All in all, This video is yet another that reinforces that eternally annoying (but true) cliche that the destination is far far less important than the journey.  Watch Cantor’s pleasant video and take that journey yourself.  lf I can get through it, you can too.  No training wheels needed.

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