Carrie Underwood: Top 7 Inspiring Interview Quotes

Carrie Underwood: Top 7 Inspiring Interview Quotes

Carrie Underwood: Top 7 Inspiring Interview Quotes

Carrie Underwood is a country music star best known for her time on American Idol. She continues to wow fans all over the country even years later. Here are some of the most inspiring words ever spoken by the star.

Number Seven: ‘Every Day is a New Day, and You’ll Never Find Happiness If You Don’t Move On’ – Carrie Underwood

Instead of dwelling on negative things, Carrie prefers to take the reins and move on to better things. This attitude probably has a lot to do with where she is today.

Number Six: ‘Throw Caution to the Wind and Just Do It’

This adventurous attitude is what separates the people who become successful from others. Sometimes you just have to take a chance.

Number Five: ‘I Think It’s Okay to Feel Jealous, but It’s How You Deal with It That’s the Important Thing’

Instead of condemning the emotion of jealousy, Underwood realizes that it’s a natural human emotion. It’s okay to feel certain things as long as you don’t act on them.

Number Four: ‘I’ve Learned This, That Haters Wanna Hate. You Could Sing a Song Perfectly, and Some People are Absolutely Going to Hate You’

This is a healthy attitude to have about criticism. Some people allow haters to get them down about themselves, and assume they are doing something wrong, while Carrie realizes that those type of people are inevitable.

Number Three: ‘I’m a Suck-it-up-and-move-on Kind of Person’

Carrie Underwood seems like a pretty tough lady. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she would rather get over things and get on with her life. This is an admirable trait.

Number Two: ‘Successful People Have a Social Responsibility to Make the World a Better Place and Not Just Take From It’

Rather than view less fortunate people as separate from herself, she prefers to help them. This is an unselfish attitude to have.

Number One: ‘I Thank the American Public So Much for Putting Me in This Position. I Appreciate Every Second of It’

Carrie realizes that her success if the result of votes of people who supported her, and remains humble about that. Thanks for reading our list, and I hope you enjoyed it.

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