Casi Cada Minuto - Daysaver (Official Music Video)

Casi Cada Minuto – Daysaver

Electronic musician Casi Cada Minuto’s video for “Daysaver” will make you feel like you’ve been transported to an ever-changing, hazy dreamworld. The video begins with attention grabbing bursts of hot pink and bright yellow, before transitioning into much darker, close up shots of a woman’s face. Unsettlingly close footage of oozing and bubbling amber-colored liquid compliments the eerie drone of the song perfectly. Throughout the video, we get blurry, contorted glimpses of this beautiful girl, in between abstract visuals of evolving shapes and patterns, crystals, and, at other times, just pure color. The video cleverly uses various shades of red, blue, and yellow to evoke strong emotional reactions from viewers…even though not a single lyric is ever sung. Before concluding, the video’s focus shifts to washed out, slow motion shots of the mysterious woman. Click play, and prepare yourself to be taken on the moving, unspoken journey behind “Daysaver.”

Taken from Casi Cada Minutos’s latest album ‘In White Rooms‘. Out now on Exitab.
Video by Peter Czikrai.

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