Casiokids - En Vill Hest (Official Music Video)

Casiokids – En Vill Hest

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Norwegian synthpop ensemble from Bergen, Casiokids, made a striking music video for “En Vill Hest.” Poppy synths, steel drum, and African dance rhythms contrast with the bland living room and bland cereal the bland young man is eating. A mysterious alien-head pulsin image on the TV transfixes the young man as his cereal’s milk begins bubbling, eventually spewing out of his bowl all over the coffee table. Next to the TV is an sculpture resembling an African fertility goddess. Rubber-gloved, he carefully cleans up the mess and changes into workout clothes. Down in the basement Casiokids’ music plays from a boombox and the young man dances in front of a wall of mirrors, the camera shooting in slow motion. The mystery thickens when a man with his head and hand wrapped in bandages approaches the house and beckons the young man outside. Grabbing the African fertility sculpture, he heads to the empty swimming pool with a metal trashcan. Three guesses for what he’s going to do next…


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