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Cat Adopts Orphaned Baby Hedgehogs At Sadgorod Zoo In Russia, Their Story is Heartwarming

Cat Adopts Orphaned Baby Hedgehogs At Sadgorod Zoo In Russia, Their Story is Heartwarming

20. Where It All Began

This is a story about how a cat from a local zoo in the city of Vladivostok, Russia saved a litter of baby hedgehogs from a very uncertain future. Not only did she change the lives of the hedgehogs but she changed her life in a way she never thought possible. This story warmed the hearts of so many people that it became known around the world.

19.  The City of Vladivostok

This heartwarming story took place at a local Zoo in the city of Vladivostok, Russia. National Geographic lists this cosmopolitan city among the 10 most beautiful oceanfront cities in the world. Not only is it beautiful but it is also home to a variety of special attractions. From the nightlife to the architecture, to the zoo itself. There is something many find special about this city.

18. Wildlife of Vladivostok

The city of Vladivostok also is home to some beautiful wildlife since it is located in southeastern Russia. It is home to wolves,  bears,  Far Eastern forest cats, small Sitka deer, and some of the cutest little forest critters known as hedgehogs.

17. The Sadgorod Zoo

Much of this wildlife can be seen at the Sadgorod Zoo, from the wild cats, the deer, wild boars, and of course the local family of rescued hedgehogs. Among these animals is a very special cat.

16. Meet Musya

Musya is one of the cats living at the Sadgorod Zoo.  She is a simple domesticated house cat that was taken in by one of the zookeeping staff a while ago and had recently given birth to several kittens. Soon Musya would take on another responsibility besides mothering her kittens.

15. Baby Hedgehogs at The Zoo

The eight newborn baby hedgehogs at the zoo were doing great until one day they lost their mom to a lawn mower, without their mother they were left defenseless, too young to fend for themselves and with nobody to care for them or look out for danger. What happened next was unexpected and heartwarming.

14. Baby Hedgehogs Their Missing Mom

This was when the zookeeping staff at the Sadgorod Zoo stepped in and rescued the eight hoglets from their very grim and unknown future.  Hedgehogs in the wild usually are born in litters of hoglets just like piglets or kittens. However, they are fairly dependant on the mother hedgehog for not only protection but also food, shelter, and of course, milk.

If they were going to save the babies they knew they had to act fast.

13. Abandoned Baby Hedgehogs

The zookeepers at the Sadgorod Zoo could provide shelter and protection to these baby hedgehogs, as they have taken in rescued hedgehogs from the local forest before,  but they were in trouble because they were not able to figure out how to feed the babies without the mother’s milk.

12. Babies in Trouble

Having been abandoned in the wild and now taken into a safe habitat provided by the zookeeping staff. The baby hoglets had their safety and shelter needs met, but they were still experiencing major issues. According to The Daily Mail: Alyona Asnovina, Sadgorod Zoo deputy director said: “The hedgehogs’ mother was hit on the head by a lawnmower. Her eight babies were left without a mother.  ‘They didn’t eat on their own. After two days, the hedgehogs were becoming hungry.” This was when the hero of the story came to these little baby hedgehogs rescue.

11. Alone and Hungry

Alone and hungry in their rescue habitat provided by the zookeeping staff at the Sadgorod Zoo, the hoglets where going on their 2nd day of refusing to eat the baby formula provided by the zookeeping staff. The staff usually was able to feed the hoglets in the past by using a tiny little syringe into their mouths but in this case, that was not working probably due to how young the hoglets where. They soon realized that Musya the cat who had recently given birth to several kittens might be able to help out the hoglets.

10. Musya Saves The Day

According to The Daily Mail, Musya the cat still had milk left after taking care of several foster kittens, and fortunately, the youngsters took to her immediately. Musya not only feeds the hoglets but also takes care of the babies at night. This created the viral video that was shared around the world of the cat feeding the abandoned hedgehog babies her milk.

9. Taking in the Baby Hedgehogs

What an unusual pairing, hedgehog babies, and a motherly cat.  According to The Daily Mail: For the most part, the standby mother and the hedgehogs get on well. But Musya has been reported to let out a hiss when the babies become a little too prickly.

8. A Litter of Hedgehogs

When The Daily Mail interviewed one of the zookeeping staff: Alyona Asnovina, Sadgorod Zoo deputy director, she said “I saw our cat Musya in the yard. I quickly grabbed her and put her by the baby hedgehogs.” Just like that, the unlikely pairing had somehow kicked it off and help was on its way for the baby hedgehogs.

7. Nursing Baby Hedgehogs Back to Health

Alyona Asnovina told The Daily Mail: “Literally, after a couple of seconds they approached the cat, they understood at once what to do, having felt her warmth and the smell of milk.” Surprisingly, the cat also understood instantly what was expected of her. She lay down and fortunately, the hedgehogs began to nurse.

6. The Road to Recovery

After the litter of baby hedgehogs were given milk and started to grow stronger, they began to be able to be fed milk out of a syringe-like most rescue hedgehogs. They officially with the life-saving help and care of Musya the cat, were on the road to recovery.

5. Growing Up

The hedgehog little of Musya at Sadgorod Zoo, will be raised in their habitat alongside Musya until it is decided that they are old enough to try to live out in the wild once again. But until then they will have their extended family of zookeepers, kittens, and the motherly figure of Musya.

4. Endangered Hedgehogs

What happened to the litter of hedgehogs’ mother is actually commonplace. Many hedgehogs have been subject to injury or death due to lawnmowers, cars, or other human-related causes. With residential area’s growing all over the world there is less and less space for hedgehogs to live without the threat of human civilization.  In many different countries, hedgehogs are considered an endangered animal due to the mass drop in worldwide hedgehog population.

3. Hedgehogs of Russia

Hedgehogs in Russia are not officially on the endangered species list but they do continually face the same threats in certain areas that are progressively becoming more populated.

2. Releasing Rescues

Russia’s zoos are not only a place for animals around the world but for rescued animals such as the hedgehog family at the Sadgorod Zoo. Many of these animals don’t stay at the zoo forever. Depending on how the animal recovered, they are released back into the wild when they are strong enough to leave life in captivity.

1. One Big Happy Family

All and all,  until that day comes where the hedgehog little is full grown and ready to leave captivity, they have their mother Musya and her litter of kittens as one big family.

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