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Cat Finds His Way Back Home After 10 Years

Cat Finds His Way Back Home After 10 Years

When their daughter passed away 10 years ago, her cat also got lost. But this family never expected to have such a huge surprise years later! In the most miraculous turn of events, he found his way back home after a decade away. You won’t believe how this all occurred.

20. Daughter’s Cat


Joyce and her husband lost their beloved daughter 10 years ago. Then, after 10 years had passed, they were reunited with a piece of their daughter’s life. Her long-time cat found his way back into their lives. Here’s how everything happened, it’s incredible!

19. Unexpected Arrival

Image: Ozzi Cat Magazine

A few weeks ago, a particularly friendly grey and white cat made an appearance in a feral colony in the Bronx. Rita, a long-term TNR cat colony caretaker, found out about the cat and knew that he needed to be rescued immediately.

18. Reaching Out


Due to his incredibly friendly nature, Rita knew that he wasn’t meant to be with the other feral cats. So Rita quickly got in contact with Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming. She wanted some help with the situation…

17. Getting Help


So Rita reached out and asked for some advice on figuring out what to do with the friendly cat. “We suggested that she take it to our vet first and check for a microchip,” the rescue told Love Meow. You won’t believe what they found next…

16. Microchipped

Image: Facebook/Magnificat Cat Rescue & Rehoming

At the vet’s office, they discovered that the cat had indeed been microchipped. The cat was registered as Mousey and the microchip had been placed back in 2008. It had been 10 years since the microchip had been placed… The chances of finding her owner were close to zero but then something miraculous happened!

15. Lost Contact

Image: Facebook/Magnificat Cat Rescue & Rehoming

The phone had been disconnected, the address was in another state three hours away… but we finally found the owner. Actually, we found her obituary.” Mousey’s human mom, Denise, had passed away 10 years ago at the age of 39. After hearing the news, Rita knew that there only one thing left to do…

14. Almost Giving Up

Image: Facebook/Magnificat Cat Rescue & Rehoming

When they discovered the obituary, the workers almost decided to give up. However, something called on them to continue trying.  “We almost stopped there. But the obituary listed her parents and we thought we’d go for one last try.” What happens next is amazing!

13. First Contact

Image: Facebook/Magnificat Cat Rescue & Rehoming

Finally, workers were able to get in touch with Denise’s mother, Joyce. They had left Joyce a voicemail and she quickly returned their phone call after hearing about the situation. Joyce couldn’t believe what she heard! You won’t believe how the cat reacted after seeing the woman after 10 years. Do you think she remembered her home?

12. Unbelievable

Image: SeeClickFix

At first she couldn’t believe it and then, when it finally sank in, it became a deeply moving conversation. She said, her daughter had adopted two kittens a couple of months before she died, but Denise’s husband had refused the family’s offer to take them in.” So what happened after and how one of the cats  found her way back home? Let’s find out the shocking truth.

11. No Contact

Image: YouTube

Over the years, Joyce and her husband lost contact with Denise’s husband. They also never heard any other updates on the cats. So they stopped thinking about it until this moment… When she got the call, the woman went crazy! Here’s what she did…

10. Unexpected Call

Image: Kitty Connection

“Suddenly, ten years later, to get a call from a stranger saying their daughter’s cat had been found almost seemed like a message from her. ‘This is Providence at work,’ her mother kept saying.” It was as if fate had brought them all back together.

9. Anniversary


It was the tenth anniversary of Denise’s passing when Joyce received the phone call from the animal caretakers. Joyce was recalling just how much her daughter adored animals and had a big heart for them. However, Denise isn’t the only one.

8. Loving Family


It isn’t just Denise that had a big heart for animals. The entire family adores animals as well and they even took in a neighbor’s cat after the neighbor had passed away. “It would give them all enormous joy to have Denise’s cat.”

7. Arrangement

Image: Facebook/Magnificat Cat Rescue & Rehoming

So the animal rescue quickly arranged for Mousey to be brought to Joyce’s home. Mayor’s Alliance Wheels of Hope, a transport program, decided that they would help out when they heard the story. “As soon as they heard the story, they said, ‘Of course we’ll help.'”

6. The Drive


So Joe, the transport driver, picked up Mousey from Rita and placed the cat into the car. He then took on the four-hour drive to get to Joyce’s home. It was a truly emotional reunion…

5. Reunion

Image: Pinterest

The reunion between Denise’s parents and Mousey was incredibly emotional. For them, being reunited with their daughter’s cat was like having a piece of her back in their lives. The couple was asked what they would start calling the cat and their response may surprise you.

4. Cat’s Name

Image: Pammy’s 2nd Chance Rescue

When asked what she would call the cat, Joyce responded by saying, “Mousey, of course, because that’s what Denise called him.” “To have tracked down Mousey’s owner and to have been a part of his reunion with his family has been a joy and a privilege,” Cary Aminoff, president and founder of Magnificat Cat Rescue told Love Meow.

3. Doing Well

Image: Kitty Connection

Mousey is doing splendidly. He is eating well and using his litter box. He was a bit shy last night and hid under the desk. Today, he is busy taking possession of his new family,” the rescue said. The cat has been incredibly affectionate with his owners now!

2. Affectionate


The minute one of them sits on the recliner, Mousey leaps into their lap. They talk to him, telling him how happy they are to have him, and he laps up every word and rubs against them to show he understands what he means to them.”

1. Forever Home


“We’re in our seventies,” Joyce told the rescue. “We want you to know that if anything ever happens to us, our son and our daughter have already told us they will take Mousey.”

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