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Cat Finds Orphaned Baby Rabbit, Decides To Adopt Him

Cat Finds Orphaned Baby Rabbit, Decides To Adopt Him

Life can be so tragic in so many ways. Everything can change in the blink of an eye. That’s exactly what happened to one baby rabbit when he was left orphaned and alone. It was a sad situation until one cat came along and decided to help out in the best way.

20. Orphaned

Image: Imgur

This baby bunny was only alive for a short amount of time when his mother passed away. From that moment on, the baby bunny was all on its own. It’s chances of survival were not looking good…

19. Survival

Image: Reddit

Without his mother around, the little baby bunny didn’t have much of a chance at survival. There are many things that could go wrong, one of the biggest being dehydration. There are also other issues that can occur.

18. Rabbit’s Milk


Baby rabbits rely on their mother’s milk for the first 8 weeks of their life. This helps them to develop a proper digestive and immune system. So how old was the baby bunny?

17. One Week

Image: deviant art

The baby bunny was only one week old when his mother passed away. This left him in a very vulnerable position. However, the universe had different plans for his life.

16. Discovered


A family living in Rotherham, U.K, were about to become the new saviors for the little bunny. They discovered him all alone and disheveled and decided to take him in. Then they gave him the cutest name!

15. Naming Him

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Once the family took the baby bunny in it was only right that they give him a name. They decided to go with Bubbles and it seemed to be very fitting. Soon, Bubbles was introduced to another family member…

14. Family Cat

Image: YouTube

The family had a cat named Snaggle Puss. Snaggle Puss currently gave birth to a liter of kittens and her maternal instincts were on high. That was when she discovered Bubbles.

13. The Couch

Image: YouTube

Bubbles was sitting on the couch when Snaggle Puss saw him. Her motherly instincts quickly kicked in and she decided to help Bubbles out in the sweetest way possible. You won’t believe what she did.

12. Lifting Him

Image: The Dodo

Snaggle Puss quickly lifted Bubbles up and began to bring him over to the rest of her liter. It seems that there was more than enough room for Bubbles to join the group! He was happy to have a new adoptive mommy.

11. Snuggling

Image: The Dodo

Bubbles quickly made himself at home amidst the liter. He cuddled up to mama Snaggle Puss and finally felt in home. Snaggle Puss made sure that he was being taken care of.

10. Feeding

Image: YouTube

Snaggle Puss began to feed Bubbles and clean him up. Bubbles was accepted right away by all of his new brothers and sisters as well. It was an amazing moment for everyone…

9. Original Video

Image: The Dodo

The original video footage was posted onto YouTube back in 2008. Now, Bubbles and the kitten clan are all grown up. They’ve all definitely moved onto bigger life adventures.

8. Unusual Behavior

Image: YouTube

So is it unusual for a mother cat to take on someone else’s baby and take care of it as its own? Especially if the animal is another species? Well, it turns out that it’s not as uncommon as you might think.

7. Surrogate Mother

Image: YouTube

There have been many documented cases of mother cat’s acting as surrogates to other abandoned kittens and even other animal species. Take for instance the story of a cat acting as a surrogate mother to a bunch of baby ducklings.

6. Ireland

Image: YouTube

A cat on an Irish farm decided to play “mommy” to a bunch of baby ducklings. Ronan and Emma Lally were both waiting for a bunch of baby ducklings to hatch. Finally, the day came for them to hatch.

5. Nowhere

Image: YouTube

When Ronan and Emma went to go check up on the duckling eggs, they were nowhere to be found. The two of them only found a bunch of broken eggshells. So where were the ducks?

4. Looking Around

Image: YouTube

The pair continued to frantically search for the ducklings all throughout the farm. Suddenly, they came across them in the most unexpected place ever. You won’t believe who took them!

3. The Farm Cat

Image: YouTube

The baby ducklings were actually being nursed by the farm’s cat. The cat had just given birth to a liter of kittens and had more than enough milk to pass around. She decided that she wanted to help out the baby ducks as well.

2. Sweet Sight

Image: YouTube

The ducklings were suddenly incorporated into the cat’s liter and she was treating them like her own. It was an amazing sight and the Lally’s couldn’t believe their eyes.

1. Maternal Instincts

Image: YouTube

It seems that maternal instincts run very strong in all species. A mother’s love is incredibly important to an animal’s survival. It is amazing that a mother cat was capable of loving another species so sweetly and kindly.

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