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Cat Rescued Minutes Before Being Euthanized Repays Woman With Love

Cat Rescued Minutes Before Being Euthanized Repays Woman With Love

Abandoned and stray animals who are all alone need to find a way to live on the streets. Finding food and shelter is not easy at all and most of these animals have a grim faith, luckily there are many people who adopt stray cats and dogs instead of purchasing them from pet stores. Although, living on the streets is not the worst thing that could happen to these cats…

20. Looking For Food

The most challenging thing that stray cats need to do is to find food. The only option they have is to search through garbage since hunting for mice is not that easy in crowded cities. However, this is not the worst thing about being out on the streets.

19. No One To Love Them

The worst thing that stray cats have to deal with is being alone. These animals don’t have anyone to love them, and this is what hurts the most. Isn’t this heartbreaking? But…

18. Good People

Some good people share their meals with these stray animals, but their best chance at survival is to be taken to a shelter. On the downside, cat shelters are often overcrowded as you will see in the next picture.

17. Cat Shelters

Cats that get taken to a shelter receive food and a roof over their heads, but they are not there to stay forever. Every cat needs to find an adoptive family or they will be put away… This is a sad thing, but shelters are already too overcrowded and they can’t keep cats forever. Luckily, the cat you’re about to meet was fortunate and you won’t believe why!

16. Food And Shelter

Even though these stray cats receive healthy food and a shelter to keep them warm, this is not all they need. These cats need to be loved and cared for and this is where adoption comes in.

15. The Hard Part

The most challenging thing that every shelter needs to do is to find a loving home for the cats they have. The next picture will bring a smile to your face!

14. Cute Kittens

Young and sweet kittens are always the first ones to find adoptive families. While this might be great for them, it does make it even more difficult for older cats to find homes.

13. Older Cats

Cute tiny cats like this one are going to find a home in no time, but sadly we can’t say the same thing about older cats. Families are not that likely to adopt older cats and people who do take them in are rare.

12. Older Cats Need To Be Adopted The Most

The saddest part about older cats not being adopted is that they need it the most. Make sure you keep reading to find out why older cats need to find homes as soon as possible and be ready to be shocked!

11. Too Many Cats

Sadly, animal shelters can’t afford to have stay cats with them forever. The place gets overcrowded quickly and vets put these unwanted cats away. Here is where Henry’s story starts!

10. Meet Henry

This little guy is Henry and the woman in this picture saved his life! Henry was on death row with hours away from being put to sleep when this woman came and saved his life! You won’t believe how she did it…

9. Life Saver

This amazing woman is named Adele and she is a life saver! She heard that the vets were getting ready to put Henry to sleep and she rushed to save him. Just look at how grateful Henry is!

8. Grateful Cat

It seems like Henry somehow understood that Adele saved his life because he can’t stop from thanking her. This super cute cat kissed Adele nonstop ever since they left the shelter. Don’t believe me? Well, then keep reading and see for yourself.

7. Cat Kisses

These cat kisses are the only thing that Henry is able to give Adele in return for saving his life and Adele is more than happy to receive them! Although, this is not where Henry and Adele’s story ends.

6. Looking For A New Family

Now that Henry was no longer on death row, Adele needed to find an adoptive family for him. Do you think she managed to do that?

5. Happy Smile

The reason why Adele is smiling in this picture is because she knew that saving Henry was the right thing to do. She is also smiling because she knew a family that would be more than happy to take Henry in!

4. A New Family

Adele didn’t waste any time and she took Henry to one of her friends that wanted to adopt him. Just look at how excited the woman’s kid is to have Henry around!

3. Henry Is Loved

As we can clearly see in this picture, Henry finally has someone to love and care for him. This is the only thing that Henry wanted and luckily, Adele was there to help him out.

2. Henry’s Story

Henry’s story started with him on death row, but look at him now! Henry is no longer a stray and he has Adele to thank for.

1.All Animals Deserve Love

All animals deserve love, so if you’re planning on buying a cat, we recommend you to go to your local shelter. I bet it’s full of beautiful and loving cats who would do anything for a loving home.

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