Cate Blanchett: 15 Interesting Facts (Part 1)

Cate Blanchett: 15 Interesting Facts (Part 1)

Cate Blanchett: 15 Interesting Facts (Part 1)

Cate Blanchett is a very famous actress as well as screen director. She was born in Melbourne Australia in 1969 and has been acting for at least half of her life. Here are some other interesting facts about the star.

Number Fifteen: She Has Always Loved the Theater

Cate took part in various theater events in her youth, not just acting, but also behind the scenes in stage production. Some of these plays include The Seagull and Hamlet.

Number Fourteen: She Kept Her Elf Ears

Many of us know the actress for her part as Galadriel in the extremely popular Lord of the Rings films. It turns out she grew quite attached to her elf ear prosthetics, and when the films were done, ended up bronzing them and keeping them.

Number Thirteen: Cate Blanchett Won’t Get Plastic Surgery

The star says she would never get cosmetic work done to her face or body. This is due to the fact that her husband would be very against it. So against it that he would actually divorce her if she got any plastic surgery done!

Number Twelve: She’s a Doctor

In 2014, the actress was given a Doctor of Letters by Macquarie University. This was to celebrate her contributions to the arts, charity, and the community in general and was her third honorary recognition from a major Australian institution.

Number Eleven: She Grew Up Without a Father

Cate’s parents met when her father’s ship broke down along the Australian coast. When she was just 10 years old, he died of a heart attack, leaving her mother to raise the family on her own.

Number Ten: Funny Teenage Phases

When Blanchett was a teen, she went through a few different phases. These included dressing up as a punk, as a goth, and wearing very masculine clothing. During one of these periods she even shaved her head.

Number Nine: The American Extra in Egypt

She was on vacation at age 18 in Egypt and was approached and asked if she would act in a film. She agreed, needing the money at the time, and found herself playing a cheerleader, cheering for an Egyptian boxer. We hope you enjoyed part one of this list, come back soon for part two!

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