Ceasefire - No Tomorrow (Official Music Video)

Ceasefire – No Tomorrow

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If you were invited to set foot on Mars, would you do it? Ceasefire definitely would, and they have, in this pretty epic music video for “No Tomorrow.” The band takes you on a journey through their normal lives before the grand trip to outer space. Ray Alexander, Kamren Alexander, and Anthony Hainsworth are the lucky three that receive invitations regarding a trip to Mars. One lives in a wealthy and furnished apartment with a dog, another lives at home with his seemingly stoic father, and the third is in a romantic relationship. All three set out to make a difference in their world and in their heart. The goodbyes are heartbreaking: the dog and girlfriend are left behind and the father only gives a handshake. The music is just as epic as the entire music video. With “oh-weh-oh’s,” loud bass, piano, and guitar, this will certainly pump you up to take charge of today like there is no tomorrow.

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A ChiselPixel Productions
Directed by Lior Molcho
Cinematography by Danit Sigler
Produced by Matt Phelan

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