CeeLo Green Quietly Releases 'TV on the Radio'

CeeLo Green Quietly Releases ‘TV on the Radio’

courtesy of hitfix.com

courtesy of hitfix.com

Who knew CeeLo Green released a new album a few days ago? The album, entitled TV on the Radio, was released on Soundcloud with little to no promotion. The project features nine songs, in which the singer/rapper performs over famous television themes including Knight Rider, Taxi, and Family Ties. An artist releasing surprise albums is officially referred to as “pulling a Beyonce.” 2013 was the advent of pop singers giving out surprise releases, and it has since become a trend in popular music.

Kid Cudi is expected to be the next artist to “pull a Beyonce,” unless another artist gives the public a surprise album first. However, Cudi’s tactic of putting out an album without a release date will be a little different than his other fellow musicians. The rapper announced he will send out a message on social media to alert his followers that Man On The Moon 3 is out. He said the alert may be sent out hours before the release. So, though Cudi may not announce a release date, he did give fans a few details about his new album.

Producers Plain Pat, A-Trak, Dot Da Genius, and Emile Haynie will all provide their own contributions to Man On The Moon 3. Cudi tweeted about his relationship with these super producers, “I can’t/won’t make MOTM3 w/o Pat, Emile & A Trak in the studio. We started together, we finish together.” He continued with, “And of course we always need Dot Da Genius. We all had a vision we shared for this story.” In conclusion he said, “I can’t create the magic yall want with out their energy and genius to bounce off of.” Plain Pat responded to Cudi’s message with a tweet of, “Let’s go!! The worlds need motm3!” A-Trak also responded to Cudi with, “The bat-signal is heard loud and clear, homie. Let’s do this.” Cudi posted a photo of himself and producer Emile Haynie in the recording studio too. The caption read, “And so it begins…” The Man On The Moon series of albums started in 2009 with the release of Man On The Moon: The End of Day, and Man On The Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager the following year. The rapper has sold over five million digital singles, and he has worked with some of music’s most elite musicians including Mary J. Blige, Common, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Shakira, and David Guetta.

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