Celebrate in style with some unique birthday presents

Celebrate in style with some unique birthday presents

While opening a gift the best reaction a person can have is “oh! Beautiful!” Giving someone a birthday gift of their choice, which they will truly appreciate, is the best feeling ever. And also can be tricky. Are you looking for some really cool gifts? Here we, the clothing people,

Have compiled a list of top 5 unique birthday presents you can check them out. Be it a special friend, or close family member, these gifts are sure to fetch big reaction. Why going with the usual presents that everyone gifts, try something unusual, try something unique and stand out from the rest. This guide includes inexpensive gifts as well as some splurge worthy gifts which the person you are willing to gift will remember a lifetime. You will not see any boring, typical and over played gifts here on this list.

Garmin Virb Elite HD Camera

If your friend or the person you are going to gift loves photography and outdoor living, you can gift him or her the Garmin Virb. This camera has been built rugged with an IPX7 waterproofing rating. If the person you are going to gift loves digital photography this is a great suggestion.

Bliss ‘Pore’ Fector Gadget

High-powered facial cleansers are one of the hottest trends in beauty right now. Many beauty experts recommend usage of a sonic facial cleanser for getting a clean skin. This dual action device for purifying pores uses sonic waves. Facial toner and facial mask, which comes with it, helps any woman to pamper herself.

Misfit Wearables Bolt Wireless Bluetooth LED Smart Light Bulb

Misfit is a known brand for their line of fitness trackers, but a whole lot more than they offer activity monitors. For anyone who loves to decorate home Misfit’s color changing bulbs are one of the best options. This bulb have the ability to create over a million different colors that suits your mood and the setting up process is also very easy.


If the person you are willing to gift loves Sriracha style hot sauce, then this can be the best gift. This tiny bottle enables you to take the hot sauce anywhere. This TSA approved container helps you to spice up bland airplane food with hot and spicy sauce. This container is also reusable.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo has numerous functions. It not only plays music, but also controls your light, gives you weather reports and also help you to restock on items, which have been bought online. Echo gets updated with your personal preferences over time, like your speech pattern, etc. If the person you need to buy a gift loves new gadgets, this can be a great gift.

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